Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology (VSSO)

Affiliate Member

President / WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Nicholas Bacon

ACVS Founding Fellow of Surgical Oncology

Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology


PO Box 100126
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Florida
Gainesville FL 32610-0126

Members: 270


Brief History

The Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology was founded in 2005 with the goals of bringing together veterinary surgeons with a clinical focus of surgical oncology and other specialists in veterinary oncology. Although the founders of this society are ACVS founding fellow of surgical oncology, our membership has grown to include veterinary students, surgeons in training, general surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, veterinary pathologists and MDs. We are now over 300 members strong with members from all corners of the globe. The VSSO is an inclusive society that welcomes new members with a strong interest in surgical oncology.

Specific Objectives of the VSSO:

  • Encourage and promote clinical research trials in surgical oncology
  • Encourage and facilitate the publication of research trials at professional meetings and in veterinary and human journals
  • Facilitate communication between veterinary surgeons whose primary interest lies in oncology
  • Improve methods of surgical treatment for animals with cancer, either alone or with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Promote and encourage mutual collaboration between veterinary surgeons with a special interest in surgical oncology and other branches of oncology
  • Encourage and promote education in surgical oncology for professional veterinary students, graduate students and house officers, and graduated veterinary surgeons



VSSO Annual report to WSAVA for 2013

The Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology is a growing community of veterinarians worldwide. The aim of our society is the promotion of the art and science of veterinary surgical oncology. We achieve this aim through education and research. A strong component of our society is the education and case discussion that takes place over our member listserv. We have also completed several research studies as a group that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. We have had one Scientific Meeting and our next meeting will be in March 2014. The society continues to grow and evolve.


2013 List of Activities:

This year we changed our membership structure so that there are no longer any levels of membership. There are now essentially members and non-members of our society. Student members (veterinary students, interns, residents, grad students) can be members of our group at no charge. We had a VSSO surgical oncology sessions at both ECVS and ACVS this year. Our VSSO retrospective studies on canine scapulectomy  and one on hemipelvectomy were recently published in Veterinary Surgery and a VSSO retrospective study on Lingual tumors in dogs was published in JAVMA. There are several papers that are currently under review from our group on TPLO associated OSA, Oral Melanoma and several in progress.


2013 Highlights:

The highlights this year were our presence at the ECVS and ACVS Scientific meetings. These surgical oncology sessions are now a mainstay of these conferences, which shows how far we have come as an organization.
Some things to look forward to next year which are in progress are our combined VCS and VSSO Meeting in March 2014 in Asheville, NC and the launch of our new website.

VSSO Annual report to WSAVA 2013

The VSSO just had their first successful scientific meeting in May 2012. We hosted 135 international participants in a program that focused on ONE cancer and celebrated the career of Dr. Stephen J Withrow. We are planning our next VSSO scientific meeting in Spring 2014.

The VSSO has a very active list-serve that is available to members. This is one of our greatest strengths. This list-serve serves primarily to allow active case discussion between specialists and encompasses the spirit of community medicine.  The VSSO is also active in research and has completed, presented and published several multi-institutional clinical trials. The VSSO research committee evaluates proposals for VSSO studies and facilitates the completion of studies.

The VSSO is currently undergoing a period of growth and with this will come a new website, more members, a new administrative assistant and new challenges.

For more information about the VSSO, please see our website, www.vsso.org