Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand (VPAT)

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President / WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Monchanok Vijarnsorn, DVM, Phd

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Members: 5.629 (November, 2015)

Association Overview

VPAT stands for the Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand, an organization founded in 1968 as a club with no more than 10 veterinarians determined to improve the standard of veterinary practice in Thailand. At present the club has become one of the nation’s most prominent veterinary associations with members reaching 5,629 (as of Nov. 2015). VPAT generates activities to support veterinarians in clinical and academic expertise, ethical and social issues and legal matters. One of the key elements required to achieve its goal in unifying standards in veterinary practice is sustainable continuing education. 


VPAT Mission:

1. To unify veterinary practice and ethical standards within the country and in line with internationally accepted standards.

2. To foster a commitment of continued learning and self improvement

3. To support the practitioner towards excellence in practice and academic competency

4. To create networking and empowerment within the profession

5. To help members in academic, social and legal concerns

6. To create public awareness of the veterinarian’s role and status in society.


7. To promote animal welfare through public education as a veterinarian’s professional commitment.



VPAT Annual report to WSAVA for 2015


2015 List of Activities


Our activities:

I. Continuing Education Program (CE-VPAT)

This program is not about organizing seminars but about establishing the philosophy that continuing education is not an activity, but a lifetime commitment of continued learning and self-improvement for people who choose this profession.

The seminars and workshops are conducted in English by specialist tutors from around the world. It is held in an interactive format whereby participants can discuss cases and present problems encountered in everyday practice. At present we hold 1 main international and 10 national seminars/workshops per year. 

Since its conception in 1995, CE-VPAT attracts participants from over 9 countries in Asia creating a vibrant atmosphere of interchange amongst practitioners in the region and is also one of the most exotic venues to do so! 


CE VPAT 2015

Topic: Common Neurological Problems in Dogs and Cats: an update on clinical approach and management

Speaker: The Veterinary Neurological Society of Thailand

Date: 7 January 2015


Topic: One Day CE-VPAT: Complicated Endocrinology Emergency Medicine

Speaker: VPAT

Dates: 24 February 2015


Topic: All About Nursing the Cat

Speaker: VPAT

Dates: 18 March 2015


Topic: One Day CE-VPAT: Cardiovascular Pharmacology in Clinical Practice

Speaker: VPAT

Dates: 27 August 2015


Topic: CE-VPAT: Respiratory and Related Diseases in Exotic Pets

Speaker: The Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarian Society of Thailand

Dates: 19 – 20 September 2015


Topic: One Day CE-VPAT: Small Animal Clinical Reproduction: essential issues in females

Speaker: The Thai Society for Animal Reproduction

Dates: 20 October 2015


Topic: Open the Pandora's Box of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Speaker: The Thai Society of Veterinary Internam Medicine

Dates: 28 October 2015


Topic: CE-VPAT Workshop: Advance Ultrasonography

Speaker: VPAT

Dates: 2 - 3 November 2015


Topic: CE-VPAT Seminar: Feline Cardiorespiratory Medicine

Speaker: Kerry E Simpson

Dates: 15 - 17 November 2015


Topic: One Day CE-VPAT: Ocular Emergencies

Speaker: The Thai Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology Practitioners

Dates: 2 December 2015 


Topic: One Day CE-VPAT: Interesting Skin Diseases in Veterinary Practice

Speaker: The Thai Society of Veterinary Dermatology

Dates: 24 December 2015


II. VPAT Regional Veterinary Congress – our very own annual regional gathering

For the past 20 years VPAT has organized its annual veterinary conference with international and national speakers sharing their expertise. As the goodwill generated through our CE activities found more practitioners from neighboring countries attending each event we decided to transform our national conference into a regional congress.

The VPAT Regional Veterinary Congress 2007 was conceived as a pilot program to assess the potential and interest of veterinarians in the region in creating an annual congress at one specific location. Since then it has become an annual event held every last week of April for over 1,200 practitioners who face similar challenges in clinical practice to attend. The comfortable sized congress has become a meeting place amongst friends to learn, exchange ideas and is also a showcase for regional speakers. The endeavour to create a “One veterinary practice standard for the region” has become our mutual aspiration as we continue on the path of professional development together.

The 9th VPAT Regional Veterinary Congress 2015 (VRVC 2015)

Dates: 26 – 29 July 2015

Venue: IMPACT Forum building at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Nontaburi, THAILAND 

III. The Journal of Thai Veterinary Practitioners

This is a peer reviewed scientific journal for practicing veterinarians in Thailand. The contents comprise of research articles, tutorials, review articles and case reports all supporting the veterinarian to achieve excellence in practice and academic competency. It is published quarterly by the VPAT editorial committee and distributed free of charge to all members.


IV. Academic camp for new graduates

VPAT organizes a subsidized program for new graduates in an informal academic camp to prepare the young veterinarian for their professional life. The program strives to generate a unifying approach to veterinary practice and ethical conduct for each new generation entering the profession. The camp is held annually since 2008.


V. VPAT Vet Nurse

To improve the spectrum of animal care professionals, continuing education for veterinary nurses has been included in our congress streams and CE activities. 

VI. VPAT News and Website

Both are our source of information to and from members. VPAT News is published monthly and is a broadbased newsletter offering both technical and non-technical information including news and concerns of the profession.


VII. VPAT and Animal Welfare:

Responsible Pet Ownership Program (VPAT-RPO)

Apart from our mission to develop the standard of veterinary practice, VPAT also strives to develop the role in which the profession can better serve society. At the VPAT Regional Veterinary Congress 2007, VPAT signed the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare, a global campaign initiated by the World Society for Protection of Animals to raise 10 million supported signatures by 2010. The stand generated from this declaration is in accordance with the veterinary profession’s commitment to be in stewardship of all animals and creates social impact on the way we as human beings treat life itself. Consequential to this, the Responsible Pet Ownership Program was founded as a veterinarian and pet owner interface to work together for animal welfare.

Other activities:

  • Thailand Animal Hospital Standards and Accreditations (TAHSA)

  • Our activities are listed and applications can be made through our current website: www.vpathai.org

  • VPAT has a bookshop and auto tutorial material available for purchase through our website

  • VPAT has under its umbrella many special interest groups e.g., the Zoo and Wildlife Veterinary Society of Thailand, the Equine Veterinary Practitioners of Thailand, the Veterinary Orthopedic Society of Thailand

  • VPAT is a facilitation center for members and international veterinary organizations


2015 Highlights:
The 40th World Congress of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

It has been 12 years since the 2003 WSAVA World Congress was held in Bangkok, Thailand! On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a great pleasure that I welcome you once again to the Land of Smiles and to the 40th World Congress of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). We are honored to bring you the highest quality scientific programme from over a hundred world-renowned speakers from various corners of the world delivering the most up-to-date scientific discoveries that will satisfy the needs of every veterinary practitioner. In ooperation with The Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand (VPAT), we are able to provide both pre- and post-congress workshops to make your time at the 40th WSAVA congress a most productive learning experience for you.


VPAT Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016


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