Veterinary Ireland Companion Animal Society (VICAS)

Ireland | Full Member

Chair of VICAS for 2015-2016:
John V. O'Connor MVB

WSAVA Representative:
Danny Holmes

Members: 384

Brief History

VICAS is a subgroup of Veterinary Ireland which is the umbrella organisation representing veterinarians in Ireland. Veterinary Ireland’s role is to represent veterinarians in Ireland and to facilitate the profession in its commitment to improving the health and welfare of animals under its care, to protecting public health and to serve the changing needs of its clients and the community through effective and innovative leadership.


VICAS held its AGM on Feb 8 2013 see link for minutes


VICAS Annual report to WSAVA for 2013

2013 List of Activities


  • Winter Symposium on Marketing and Medicine 13 CVE credits.120 delegates
  • Multicity CE in May and June on Urinary Tract Medicine 
  • Cost of one day course E140


Highlighting Animal Welfare

  • week ( see poster
  • Animal Welfare Conference Sep 2013
  • Press statements and national interviews re tail docking  and dew claw removal



  • Representations made to the Minister for Agriculture regarding the Animal Health and Welfare Bill and the inclusion of an outright ban on tail docking .
  • Representations made to the Minister for the Environment regarding the introduction of compulsory microchipping in dogs.
  • The Minister for Agriculture attended the Veterinary Ireland AGM and in his speech there agreed to look at the research being done at Glasgow University Veterinary Faculty regarding tail docking and significantly stated that only registered veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses could carry out or supervise tail docking and  dew claw removal in the event of exceptions to an outright ban  to these surgical procedures.


Educating the Pet owning Public

  • Launch of the website
  • National  Microchipping Month 


Understanding Ourselves

  • Survey of the Veterinary Ireland membership. Results available in 2014 should prove very interesting 


2013 Highlight

19th FECAVA Eurocongress hosted by VICAS with BSAVA Northern Ireland branch  in Dublin on Oct 2-5th 2013

Enactment of the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 see link


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