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USAVA Annual report to WSAVA 2013 

USAVA Congress 30.05.12 to 02.06.12 

This was held at №14 a Prospect Mira Avenue, Victoria Congress Center, Donetsk, Ukraine. 

In the framework of the congress there was the 11th international scientific practical conference on small animals’ diseases problems. 

The conference was carried out by the Ukrainian Association of Veterinary Doctors dealing with small domestic animals diseases (USAVA). 

The honorable guests of the conference are WSAVA, FECAVA, The Russian association of veterinary physicians 

The participants of the conference- scientists and veterinary physicians from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Hungary, Latvia, France, Slovakia, Belgium, Estonia, Poland, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Finland. 


  • Eurovet (htpp//
  • Royal Medical Service (htpp//
  • AWB LLC’ The Insurance Company ‘Krayna’ (htpp//
  • LLC ‘Program Systems Plus’ ‘E-note:  veterinary practice managing’ (http// 
  • LLC’Inveca’ (Donetsk Veterinary Diagnostic Centre,


Conference highlights included:

Zubov A. The methods of carrying out minimal invasions with the help of US techniques

Zon G. Some basic points of  forensic traumatology

Ignatenko N. Some  peculiarities of  diabetes mellitus diagnostics and treatment in dogs

Konovalov A. Wrong occlusion problems in Lagomorphs 

Kiriliuk A. Management in veterinary clinic

Kostyuk E. Dyspnea in cats. DD and principles of therapy

Kudryavtzev A. US diagnostics of small domestic animals

Kucherenko J. Biochemical blood test. What maybe useful to know for an ordinary doctor

Lyashchenko A. 10 ways how to double the income of vet clinics

Mysylyuk V. and N. Atypical pathologies in vet surgery. Diagnostic and treatment tactics.

Reshetilo A. Haemobartonelesys (infectious jaundice) in cats.

Stoyanov L. Pathology of reptile’s reproductive organs.

Charkin V. Veterinary insurance program

Chaernov V. Dirofilariasis: diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment.


Foreign lecturers:

Bazibina E. (Russia) Basical lab researches in diagnostics of internal diseases 

Danylevskaya N. (Russia) Disbacteriosis in small domestic animals

Komolov A. (Russsia)- Cardiac ultrasound. The protocol of ECG, the main principles of conducting the research, choosing  the equipment 

Frolov V. (Russsia)- The diagnostics of hidden diseases of pulp

Yagnikov S. (Russsia)- Take a step forward in your profession

Toomet T. (Estonia)- failure in dermatological treatment, non-efficient treatment or insufficient medical service

Shrank (Czech Republic)- Traumatology

Jean Francois (France)- Some topical problems of antibiotic therapy and its rational usage

Kit Sturgess (GB) the member of BSAVA, CertVC, DSAM, MRCVS 

Infectious diseases in cats, the immunodeficiency in cats, diseases in cats


The practical part of the conference:

Was held in Donetsk Veterinary Diagnostical Centre which is modern vet diagnostic clinics provided with brand new equipment of expert class, it occupies the territory of 1500 sq. meters Here practical master classes, round tables, exhibitions, coffee breaks and buffet tables were organized. 


Master classes:

Bazibina Helen (VMD, the head of lab Wettest and Global Vet)

Kalnitskaya Rada (the head of Lab of Donetsk Vet Diagnostic Center):

‘Conducting detailed lab diagnostics (general clinical, biochemical, IFA) in the conditions of a modern automated vet laboratory. Equipment, methods and approaches.’ ‘The algorithm of diagnostic approach in lab researches of urinary system’ ‘Lab researches in complex diagnostics of liver and pancreatic diseases’

Ignatenko Natalia (VMD, the head doctor of ZOOVETSERVICE clinics)- Endocrinology. The peculiarities of dogs’ diabetes mellitus diagnostics and treatment. The problems in dogs’ insulin therapy conducting 

Katkovskaya Helen (the leading radiologist in Donetsk Vet Diagnostical Center

Shvyreva Ann (VMD of Donetsk Vet Diagnostical Center)- Using  ultramodern digital roentgen equipment based on silicon flat-panel in the diagnostics of diseases of locomotive system, alimentary tract, urinary system and thoracic organs by way of example of the work with roentgen diagnostic complex DIAMOND DRGEM

Applying spiral multiscan CT while diagnosing different health problems in animals. Methods, protocols, interpretation, conclusions. The practical work with spiral multiscan CT Toshiba Aquilon.

Katkovskaya Helen (the leading radiologist in Donetsk Vet Diagnostical Center)

Kudryavtzev Alexander (the head of clinics VetPro)

Applying US equipment of expert class in carrying out abdominal, cardiological, vascular researches by way of example of US Scanner Esaote My Lab Class C Mindray M7 work.

Komolov Andrew (VMD, the president of vet cardiological society, the head of vet clinics net medical service ‘White fang’, Moscow )

Private Echocardiography, the analysis of criteria of principal nosological forms by way of examples clinical cases

Jagnikov Sergey (BVS, professor of Druzby Narodov Moscow Univercity)

Triple osteotomy of tibia in case of APL rupture

Myelography and laminectomy in badger-dogs in case of herniated disc on the level of cervical and thoracolumbar regions of spine. 

Bone osteosynthesis of forearm in companion dogs

Resection of head of femur by W. Off.

Master-class will be held in modern operation room. Video will be displayed on a screen. Of equipment roentgen diagnostic complex Diamond and spiral multiscan CT Aquillon Toshiba will be used.    

Round tables.

Skvortzova Julia (ophthalmologist in DVDC)

Ophthalmology. General approaches and methods of treatment ophthalmological patients. Applying modern ophthalmological equipment. 

Toomet Tina (the member of board USAVA)- Management.

Kirilyuk Alexander (the head of Enote project)

The principles of management in vet clinics

- who needs it and what for

- where is our point of make out or real cost price

- crisis management- the optimization of expenses or increasing profits?

- What do price variations lead to?

- running frozen assets

- relationships with clients are not PR but CRMI

Frolov Valeriy (BVC, BSD, professor СГСЭУ)



-diagnostics of concealed diseases of pulp 

- the basical principles of occlusion prognozing and their correcting


The organizing committee:

Ushakov Vladlen- mobile 0503369810

Katkovskiy Eduard (the director of DVDC)

Mobile 0504710308; email-e,


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