Swiss Association for Small Animal Medicine / Schweizerische Vereinigung fur Kleintiermedizin (SVK) / Association Suisse pour la Medecine des Petits Animaux (ASMPA) / Associazione Svizzera dei Veterinari per Piccoli Animali

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Dr. Claudia Nett

WSAVA Representative
Dr. Käthi Brunner
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SVK-ASMPA Overview

SVK is the association for small animal practioners in Switzerland and was founded in 1970. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2010 with a big party during the WSAVA/FECAVA Congress in Geneva. The SVK created a three year continuing education program for our young colleagues, which is now very well established. We are working in collaboration with the other scientific associations in Switzerland concerning problems that are common: AMR, animal welfare, mental health of vets, future of the profession, new forms of clinic organisation etc.



SVK-ASMPA Annual report to WSAVA for 2016

2016 List of Activities

  • Position paper: Nutrition of young dogs and cats

  • Position paper: Brachycephalic breeds (almost published) 

  • Development of a pet health data base

  • Working with stakeholders about responsible use of antimicrobials

  • Finalising the new certificate for pet nutrition together with the Vetsuisse faculty, Zurich

2016 Highlights

  • Swiss veterinary days in Lausanne with two tracks small animal medicine topic was Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Three days in the world heritage region of Lavaux at the lake of Geneva: all about Brachycephalic Dogs and their problems

  • World Congress Cartagena: what an inspiration for all of us!

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