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SVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activities:

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

  • Sunday 31st July: Recent Advances in Ocular Therapies and Common Surgical by Dr. Robin Stanley Tuesday 23rd August: Analyzing and Solution to Dealing with Unpleasant Itchy Skin Condition by Dr. Sheila Torres.
  • Saturday 22nd October: Orthopedic Radiographic Positioning & Negative
  • Pressure Wound by Dr Patrick Maguire.
  • Webinars in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition


2016 SVA Annual Conference

  • Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS)
  • On behalf of SVA, Dr Estella Liew spoke to PSS members on 22nd August.
  • Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA) 43rd Conference
  • SVA - Merial Conference on Parasitology


Sunday 31st July: Recent Advances in Ocular Therapies and Common Surgical by Dr. Robin Stanley Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS) On behalf of SVA, Dr Estella Liew spoke to PSS members on 22nd August.

Tuesday 23rd August: Analyzing and Solution to Dealing with Unpleasant Itchy Skin Condition by Dr. Sheila Torres AVA-SVA Dialogue - April 19

2016 SVA Annual Conference 2016 SVA Annual Conference

2016 SVA Annual Conference

                          2016 SVA Annual Conference

SVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2015




Download Annual Conference report 2015


Annex A


1. SVA Committee

The members of the committee for the period of 2014/2015 are:

President                   TONG Boon Yew Kenneth

Vice-President           RETNAM Leslie

Hon. Secretary   HO Pei Min Eleanor

Hon. Treasurer   CHEN Yi Tian Arman

Hon. Editor           LEONG Camelia Yuet-Yee

Committee Member   WOO Chi Yeung Nicholas

Committee Member   OGDEN Bryan

Committee Member   CHNG Han Ming Nicholas 

4 official committee meetings were held between December 2014 and November 2015.


2. Membership

As of October 2015, the standing membership is as follows: 

Honorary     2

Ordinary         218

Associate 23

Total         243

New members admitted in 2014/2015:

Ordinary members

41 new ordinary members were elected. 


1 BECK Anthony David Bvet Med RVC, MRCVS

2 BIEDLINGMAIA Betsy Greene BS – Agriculture, DVM (UT Knoxville, Tennessee) 

3 CHEE Weiqin BVSc (Sydney)

4 CHEN Arman Yi Tian BSc (Leicester), BVSc (Queensland)

5 CHNG Wenya Charmaine BVM&S (Edinburgh)

6 CHUA Timothy BVM&S (Edinburgh)

7 FOO Shi Hern Jordan BVSc (Sydney)

8 GOH Shuang Li Gabrina BVSc (Queensland)

9 HENG Jean Ai BVSc Hons (Melbourne)

10 HO Melissa BVSc (Melbourne)

11 HO Yu Hui BVSc (Queensland)

12 Prabhpreet KAUR d/o Gurmit singh BSc, BVSc (Sydney)

13 KEUNG Lesley Nap Yee Bvet Med RVC

14 KHOO Deborah Joo Sok BVSc (Sydney)

15 Racheal Kilroy BVM&S (Edinburgh), MRCVS

16 LEE Jiemin Germaine BVSc (Sydney)

17 LEE Sheng Mark BVSc (Queensland)

18 LIAW Alice Eugenia BSc, BVSc (Murdoch)

19 LIM Shuxian Jade BVSc (Sydney)

20 LIM Xiaoyun Chelsea BVSc Hons (Sydney)

21 LOH Jun Xing BVSc (Melbourne)

22 LOPEZ Alfonso DVM (Universidad de Guadalajara)

23 LOW Wei Shan Daphne BVSc (Sydney)

24 NAIR Sandhya BVSc (Melbourne)

25 NG Sheryl Ching Ching BSc (NUS), BVSc (Sydney)

26 NG Wei Ching Valerie BVSc, BVMS Hons (Murdoch)

27 ONG Chee Bing BVSc Hons (Melbourne), MS, Diplomate ACVP

28 ONG Shu Ying Marese BVSc Hons (Melbourne)

29 POLGRAZE Kevin BSC (Vetbiol), BVMS (Murdoch)

30 ROSS Angelika Tierarztin (Leipzig), MRCVS

31 SHARMAN Brownyn BVSc (Queensland), Mbiovet (Monash)

32 SHIM Bao Tong BVM&S (Edinburgh)

33 Kaarthegeswaran S/O SUKUMARAN BVSc (Sydney)

34 TAN Bee Siew Yvonne BSc (NUS), BVSc (Queensland)

35 TAN Jia Hui Claire BAppSc, BVSc (Queensland)

36 TAN Sylvia Mei Ting BVSc (Queensland)

37 TAN Qinghui BVSc (Melbourne)

38 THIAN Li Ling Adoncia BSc, BVMS (Murdoch)

39 TJAHAJA Melissa BVMS (Murdoch)

40 WONG Dawn BVSc (Melbourne)

41 ZHANG Sheng An Nelson BVSc, BVMS (Murdoch)


Associate members 

10 new associate members were elected. 


1 ALCEDO Maria Joy Paran DVM (Los Banos, Philippines)

2 CAPE Donal  Niall BVM (Dublin)

3 CHOO Seon Feng Diploma in Nursing (NP)

4 DE BARRA Colm BVM (Dublin)

5 FITZGIBBON Oonagh BVM (Dublin)

6 GALVAN Andres Garcia BSAH, DVM (CLSU, Philippines)

7 MITCHELL Ian Paul BSc, BVMS (Murdoch)

8 MURDOCH Matthew James BVSc (Bristol, UK)

9 SHETTY Sukumar BVSc (Bangalore Vet, India)

10 VICTORIA Alma Alexise Bautista BSc Nursing (Quezon City, Philippines)

Resignations and Deletions from membership 

There were 6 resignations from SVA membership through 2015.  A further 72 members were removed for non-payment of membership fees (one or more years).  

3. SVA Annual Conference 2015 

The SVA Annual Conference 2015 Organising Committee comprises:

Chairman: Dr. Kenneth Tong

Members: Dr.  Nicholas Chng, Dr. Arman Chen, Dr. Eleanor Ho and Dr. Camellia Leong


SVA Annual Conference 2015 will be held on 14 and 15 November (Saturday & Sunday) at The Singapore Island Country Club, 180 Island Club Rd Singapore 578774, Grand Ballroom. The 2-days event begins daily with registration at 0730 and ends at 1715. This year’s program comprises a host of interesting subjects, embracing mainly companion species and pocket pets. Our guest speakers will be sharing their vast knowledge from topics on small animal internal medicine to clinical pathology.

The SVA Annual Conference 2015 was attended by approximately 180 participants over the 2 days span. 

4. SVA Annual General Meeting and SVA Member’s Night 2015

SVA Annual General Meeting (5-6.45pm) and SVA Member’s Night (7-9pm) will be held on 29 November (Sunday) at The Singapore Island Country Club (Bukit Course), 240 Sime Road, Singapore 288303 (Bukit location) at Windows on Bukit. 


5. Professional Indemnity 

All Honorary and Ordinary SVA members are covered with renewed SVA Professional Liability Insurance. The insurance is from AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd. This is in alignment with the SVA objective to support and protect the veterinary profession in Singapore. The insurance excludes practice areas outside of Singapore and Malaysia and specific race animal exclusion. For all claims, it can be directed Mr. Ng Wee Chuan (email: or: 


Financial Lines Claims Department

AIG Building

78 Shenton Way #08-16 

Singapore 079120   


6. Continuing Professional Education (CPE)/Events

From day conferences to intensive hands-on workshops, a total of 18 CPE events (125 points collectively) were organized this year. SVA organizes structured activities to keep registered veterinarians abreast of veterinary knowledge and to provide professional services in a competent and contemporary manner. This will also serves to provide sufficient CPE events for practicing veterinarians to fulfill CPE requirements for license renewal. Activities with affiliated or joint associations

The details of all CPE events are listed below to assist you for veterinary licensing purposes. Please maintain a clear record of your CPE events attendance for submission to AVA for license renewal. 


SVA (CPE) Event 2015 Points / Organizer






SVA (CPE) Event 2015

Points / Organizer





5 CPE Points   Hills (KC Watson)   -   Webinar

FIC: the role of diet and stress management

Dr Susan Little



5 CPE Points   IDEXX @ Carlton Hotel

Chemistry Confusion: How Laboratory Profiling Can Help

Dr Graham Swinney



5 CPE Points   Wildlife & Veterinary Supplies & Merck Animal Health (MSD) @ NUSS Guildhouse, Suntec City

Ectoparasite Control in Dogs & Otology medicine

Dr Raphael Zwijnenberg




5 CPE Points   Hills (KC Watson)   -   Webinar       

Management Of Obesity And Related Disorders

Dr Iveta Becvarova



5 CPE Points   Hills (KC Watson) @ M Hotel Singapore

Role Of Stress On Feline Medicine With Focus On Urinary (FIC) And Environment Enhancement Recommendations To Help Manage Stress

Dr Susan Little 




5 CPE Points   Hills (KC Watson)   -   Webinar

Simple Nutritional Solution For Common Concurrent Conditions In Dogs & Cats

Dr Todd Tower



10 CPE Points/day   VetSkills  @ Park Mall, Singapore

Focus on Radiology: Thorax and Abdomen

Professor Erik Wisner




5 CPE Points   Age D’or & Vetoquinol SA @ NUSS Graduate Club – The Kent Ridge Guild House

Updates in Small Animal Dermatology, Otology and Idiopathic Cystitis

Dr Sergio Martins


5 November

5 CPE Points Hills (KC Watson) - Webinar

Joint Disease In Dogs: Prevention? Management? Or Cure?

Dr Rick Read



10 CPE Points   SALAS - SVA Joint Conference @ SICC - Island Road

Multiple speakers*



10 CPE Points/day   SVA Annual Conference @SICC - Island Road

Multiple speakers*

Total: 90 CPE Points

Other (CPE) Event

Points / Organizer





5 CPE Points   RegenX Group @ Raffles Town Club

Sodago Stem Cell Technology

Dr Jean-Paul Ly,

Dr Ivor Lim, Dr Roshni,

Prof. Phan



5 CPE Points   Landon Veterinary Specialists @ Alexandra Road Showroom

Matters of the Head and Updates in Urinary Tract Surgery

Dr Ben Landon



5 CPE Points   AVA @ Veterinary Public Health Centre

Rabies Seminar

Dr Anak Agung Gde Putra



5 CPE Points   Singapore 2nd One Health Symposium @ Matrix at Biopolis

“Confronting Emerging Diseases & Enhancing Food Safety – A One Health Approach”

Multiple speakers*



5 CPE Points   Mount Pleasant A*Star @ Mount Pleasant Jalan Gelenggang

Veterinary Surgical Pathology

Dr Ong Chee Bing




5 CPE Points   IDEXX @ Carlton Hotel

Clinical Diagnostics Challenges: Frequently Missed Diagnostics Hints

Dr Peter Kintzer



5 CPE Points   IDEXX @ Biopolis Road (Nucleos – North Tower)

Endocrinology Update: Focus on Thyroid Disease & Diabetes

Dr Peter Kintzer


Total: 35 CPE Points

Total CPE points for 2015: 125


7. Registry of Societies

Multiple attempts were made through the entire year to seek approval from the Registrar of Societies on the amendments to SVA Committee and related documents. A series of 2010-2014 financial and AGM records were requested for re-submission. It is noted that the stated place of business of the Association (c/o Agri-food and Veterinary Authority, 5 Maxwell Road #03-00 Tower Block, MND Complex, Singapore 069110) is no longer valid. A fee is required to change an association’s place of business (or changes in any detail). 


8. SVA Website 

oneAlpha Media has been engaged to create a new, quality and responsive website to keep SVA members updated with our latest information. The first showcase of the fresh offline website was presented to SVA members at the SVA Annual Conference 2015 (14th November 2015 12-5pm) to allow feedbacks and understand the needs of our members. Further modifications are to be done to improve and fulfil our members need. 


9. Issues addressed by Honorary Treasurer 2014/2015

Several issues were noted with SVA financial records. These problems include persistent lapses in payment of SVA members, a limited Paypal account that was essentially frozen where no money could be withdrawn since 05/ 2013, issuing of hard copy receipts and invoices, finding a book-keeper permanent accountant to help SVA and issue of storage of SVA assets (Printers, documents, laptops).

To ensure all SVA members are up to date with their 2015 membership, all lapsed members were reached out multiple times through emails, direct phone calls and notifications to all veterinary clinics during the year by our honorary treasurer and honorary Secretary. Errant members have been removed as per our constitution as of 26/10/15. The immobilized Paypal account was made active again after some difficulty and a total of $68,500 was transferred back into the SVA account. Receipts and invoices are electronic now, with a redesigned template unique to SVA at no cost to us. Electronic receipts and invoices reduces SVA's carbon footprint, brought our postal charges to nil and allow us to keep track of our issued documents. Previous invoice and receipt numbers were hardcopy stubs, and many of these stubs were lost over the years. The new e-receipts and invoices each have their own unique serial number and are saved electronically, allowing quick and easy access. Our accountant for the past 2 years (Raymond Lim) has offered book-keeping services in the form of monthly recordings of SVA transactions into a proper database for $250 per month. Previous inquires proved unfruitful due to busy schedules and high costs. Inquiries to StorHub Toa Payoh were made due to proximity to SVA PO Box in Ang Mo Kio Ave 6.


10. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SVA and SALAS

SVA and SALAS have a mutual interest in holding their respective association conferences at the same venue – Singapore Island Country Club from 13th to 15th November 2015. In witness whereof, Dr. Kenneth Tong (SVA President) and Mr Shawn Tay (SALAS President), being duly authorized representative of the Parties, have signed this MoU in 2 originals in English language in March 2015. 


11. SVA’s membership in other associations

As advised by Dr. Shane Ryan at SVA’s 2014 AGM, the SVA committee 2014/15 has looked into our memberships in various organisations. SVA has resigned from Commonwealth Veterinary Association as of May 2015 and will resign from World Veterinary Association (WVA) as of January 2016.


12. SVA Online Survey - Veterinary Paper 

In February 2015, the SVA committee 2014/15 conducted an online survey online for members to indicate their preferences of planned Veterinary Position Papers and to further understand our member’s needs. A total of 28 responses were collated at the end of the month-long assessment.  The top 5 topics that SVA members would like to see SVA-AVA working on Veterinary Position Papers are euthanasia (60.17%), sales of antibiotics and antifungal products in pet shops (46.43%), puppy mills (46.43%), dentistry by non-veterinary centers (39.29%) and animal welfare (35.71%). 



13. SVA Honorary Member Selection Panel

SVA Honorary Member Selection Panel (HMP) focuses on awarding honorary memberships to veterinarians/persons who are distinguished in public life or who have rendered meritorious services to the Veterinary Profession or to the Association. Together with Dr Kenneth Tong, Dr Chang Siow Foong and Dr Him Hoo Yap, these 4 SVA members, will voluntarily sit in this subcommittee for a minimum of 3 years, hence offering consistency and continuity in terms of selection. 


SVA Committee will endorse HMP, whose task is to recommend a candidate to the main committee: the membership of the HMP is appointed through invitation by the President of SVA and the purpose of the panel is solely to assist the main committee in selecting a suitable candidate for Honorary Membership. 


14. WSAVA 2018 (Singapore)

Last year, SVA was honored to announce that the bidding team had successfully won the bid for the WSAVA congress 2018. A team of Singaporean veterinarians, led by Dr. Nicholas Woo (WSAVA 2018 LHC Chairman) has formed the local host committee (LHC) and is responsible for suggesting ideas, supporting and working with the congress organizer/officer in the design of a WSAVA World Congress, uniquely flavored by local culture and veterinary diversity of Singapore. SVA will be assisting the LHC in its preparation for WSAVA 2018. WSAVA made a site visit in May 2015, visiting Suntec and MBS for possible venues. MBS was ultimately awarded, and an MOU was signed by SVA President Dr. Kenneth Tong and WSAVA Exec-Board Member Dr. Nicola Neumann, and WSAVA past President Prof. Jolle Kirpensteijn.