Small Animal Veterinary Association of Belgium - Flemish Divisions (SAVAB-FIanders)

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Dr. Robert (Bob) Proesmans

WSAVA Representative
Dr. Marc Vangheluwe
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Association Overview

Founded in 1987, still alive and kicking!


SAVAB Annual report to WSAVA for 2016


  • March: Our two-day congress - "The Story of the Eye," all about Ophthalmology. With Andrea Leber, Swiss but works in OU, Simon Pot, Dutch but works in Switzerland, Anne-Marie Verbruggen, Belgian but works in The Netherlands.

  • April: Springmeeting: Quality of Life 4 Pets & Vets together with our working group VDWE 'Behavior'

  • December: Work in Progress 3rd edition: Where new PhD, Diplomats come to present their work to the practitioners.

 2016 highlights:


+32 12 239 686