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Dr. Denis Novak
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SASAP Annual Report to WSAVA 2016


2016 List of Activities

  • February 13 - 14th - WSAVA CE, Internal medicine of dogs and cats, Belgrade  Lecturer: Jill Maddison, David Church- 192 delegates
  • May 8th  - Small Animal CE, Pancevo Lecturers: Denis Novak, Nikoleta Novak, Nenad Milojkovic, Olgica Ivanovic,  88 delegates
  • May 29th  - Small Animal CE, Krusevac Lecturers: Aleksandar Spasovic, Denis Novak, Olgica Ivanovic, Zoran Cvetkovic 44 delegates
  • June 11th  - Small Animal CE, Zajecar  Lecturers: Denis Novak, Aleksandar Spasovic, Zoran Cvetkovic 25 delegates 
  • June 19th - WSAVA CE, Subotica Lecturers: Nenad Milojkovic, Aleksandar Spasovic, Olgica Ivanovic 69 delegates
  • October 6 – 8th - Eastern European Veterinary Conference - EEVC, Belgrade Lecturers: Peter Kronen, Michael J. Day, Balázs Szladovits, Gawor Jerzy, Susan Paterson, Panagiotis Mantis, Amie Koenig, Claudia Hochleithner, Manfred Hochleithner, Miodrag Stojkovic, Goran Cvetkovic, Mark B Hedberg, Emanuele Brianti, Luca Ferasin, Alex German, Laura H. Kramer, Maria Constança Matias Ferreira Pomba, Thomas Flegel, Richard A. LeCouteur, Ron Ofri, Aldo Vezzoni, Laurent Findji, Rachel Casey, Jean-Christophe Thibault, Laura Pouderoux 1051 delegates
  • November 27th - WSAVA CE, Kragujevac Lecturers: Nikoleta Novak, Zoran Loncar, Aleksandar Spasovic 78 delegates
  • December 4th - WSAVA CE, Novi Sad Lecturers: Nikoleta Novak, Denis Novak, Zoran Loncar  97 delegates
  • SASAP Bulletin – spring and autumn editions
  • SASAP website-


2016 Highlights

  • Lecturers  34
  • Topics   108
  • Delegates   1644


See the SASAP Annual Report Pictures- HERE

SASAP Annual report to WSAVA 2013


SASAP - Serbia Association of Small Animal Practitioners had busy and productive years on various aspects. The main SASAP activities during the last period as listed bellow.

Continuing Education

This still remains the most important work of the SASAP.

WSAVA kindly donated CE program in March 2012.

The topics was Soft tissue surgery covered by excellent speaker Dr.Laurent Findji from England.

Lectures about Oncologic Surgery were presented and more then 120 delegates enjoyed Dr.Findji s presentations.

SASAP wish to thank to WSAVA sponsors for kind contribution in organization of the mentioned event.


SIVEMAP 2011 took place 20 - 23 October in"Zira" hotel in. Symposium gathered over 270 colleagues, both from Serbia and from neighboring countries. This event continued with good tradition of gathering a large number of colleagues, both from our country, and from the entire region. Increasing number of foreign delegates supports the fact that SIVEMAP become an important regional event for veterinarians working in small animal practice.

During four days Symposium participants listened the lectures by eminent international experts: 

Daniel Koch  from Switzerland lectured at Pre congress day on small animal orthopedics 

The main program included speakers and subjects:

  • Ana Eipstein from Israel - anesthesiology 
  • Rick Le Coutera, USA who lectured on neurology 
  • Joe Morgan, USA, who spoke about radiology 
  • Lurent Findji from the UK whose lectures dealt with the soft tissue
  • Geert Verhoeven, Belgium – orthopedics
  • Yves Samoy, Belgium - orthopedics.


Belgium orthopedic group was special guest of SIVEMAP 2012 and they kindly sponsored Pre Congress day on orthopedics.

The Symposium appeared in the regular issue of the SASAP Bulletin. Based on surveys conducted by the organizers most participants were satisfied with the selection of speakers and topics. The survey organizers have received helpful comments and suggestions for topics that could be beneficial in one of the following Symposium.

General sponsor of this important event was Plus Plus – Farmina company. FECAVA donated its contribution as a part of CE program within the developing countries .

SIVEMAP 2012, 26 - 28 October, Congress Hall Dusko Radovic, New Belgrade.

Over 250 delegates from 9 countries.

Thomas Fegel, Germany , Neurology, Precongress day more then 70 delegates.

The main program and speakers:

  • Thomas Fegel, Germany - neurology 
  • Federica Rossi, Italy - radiology 
  • Mauricio Dujowich, USA - soft tissue surgery
  • Sharon Kerwin, USA- orthopedics
  • Dusan Misic, Serb – clinical microbiology
  • Noemi Tarpataki, Hung – dermatology


General sponsor of SIVEMAP 2013 was Plus Plus – Farmina company. 

FECAVA donated its contribution as a part of CE program within the developing countries .


Internal medicine course

October 12-14 2012

Intensive internal medicine workshop in collaboration with SCIVAC, Italy, Farmina and Pfizer.


Federico Fracassi and Walter Bartacolo, IT

40 delegates from 7 countries

This was the first workshop at this scale organised by SASAP. Excellent feedback from delegates and speakers gives the right direction to move on with similar events in 2013.


Blue dog working group members  held series of workshops with children under the project"Blue Dog" in order to educate the children and their parents for the prevention of dogs bite. The response from attendees has been very positive. More then 150 delegates participated in the program. 

Other activities of Association

Few local CE events were held in smaller cities then Belgrade. In area of veterinary legislation SASAP representatives send additional suggestions to the Ministry of Agriculture. SASAP will continue to contribute to all relevant political issues important for the small animal practice and veterinary medicine in general. Topics that were discussed included a reorganization of small animal practice, identification of pets, distribution of prescribed veterinary medicine etc. As a result there is new legislation for cat microchip identification which is now mandatory for all cats in Serbia. Serbia is one of the first countries in the world that has legally implemented mandatory cat identification.


Communication with Members


SASAP website served well but we think that might be some improvement in the future. Please visit for more details.


The database is updated regularly; last year membership was more then 160 and we hope to improve further this year.


There are a few SASAP subcommittees that were very active on various topics such are pet's identification, stray dogs control, new veterinary legislation, and Veterinary chamber of Serbia etc.


Denis Novak DVM MRCVS

WSAVA Representative

SASAP President