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Russian Small Animals Veterinary Association (RSAVA) annually holds the Moscow International Veterinary Congress (since 1994) and also 10-15 regional conferences. The RSAVA cooperates with institutes of higher education and colleges where, under the auspices of the RSAVA, educational courses are given on different subjects. Also, other activities within the framework of WSAVA Continuing Education Programme are held. The RSAVA has high-level contacts with the state veterinary service and takes part in the lawmaking process. The RSAVA delegation attend WSAVA world-wide congresses, as well as international and regional conferences and symposiums in different countries, including presenting reports. The RSAVA gives legal support to veterinarians and works with law enforcers in the sphere of animal protection. RSAVA constantly works in the sphere of promoting the veterinary profession by taking part in television programmes and preparing articles in the press. The leading veterinary doctors of RSAVA participate in issuing text books for institutes of higher education and assist in organizing specialists' dissertation defences. Annually the RSAVA approves the personal stipends to the best students, studying veterinary science. The RSAVA publishes the journal 'Vestnik Veterinarnoy Meditsiny' (The Journal of Veterinary Medicine).


 No annual report for 2013 submitted

RSAVA Annual report to WSAVA 2013


20-23 April 2012, SC "Izmailovo"

XX Moscow International Veterinary Congress

Honored guests of the Congress: the delegation of the World Veterinary Association (WVA), the World small animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), FECAVA (European Veterinary Association).More than 3000 delegates visited this meeting

22 local and 25 foreign speakers  (USA,UK,France ,Italy etc.) made their presentations.

42 sections  and 8 practical labs. 


April 21, 2012 was held ANNUAL AWARDS CEREMONY best experts in the field of veterinary medicine - "GOLDEN scalpel". 

Exhibition of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and biological veterinary products, pet food, tools and equipment was a part of the Congress.

The scientific program of the Congress was on various fields of veterinary medicine.

Official Partner of the Russian small animal veterinary Association - «Mars».

Sponsors: «Eukanuba», «Intervet», «Merial», «Pfizer» «Purina», «Royal Canin», «Narvak», «Ceva Sante Animale», «Bayer».


RSAVA organized 16 meetings in different parts of Russia including: Siberia, Ural, Volga, Central and Southern regions of country. About 2500 vets have visited these events.

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