Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association (PSAVA)

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Dr. Zbigniew Blimke

WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Jerzy Gawor

FECAVA Director:

Dr Zbigniew Blimke


The number of veterinarians working with small animals in Poland is approximately 3500. It is much larger figure than PSAVA members, however most of them participate in events organized by Association.

c/o Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Agricultural University of Lublin
ul.Gleboka 30a
20-612 Lublin, Poland
Tel: +48 81 445 61 58
Fax: +48 81 445 50 00
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Secretary - Zbigniew Blimke
Email Address:

The number of veterinarians working with small animals in Poland is approximately 3500. It is much larger figure than PSAVA members, however most of them participate in events organized by Association.

The new Board had been elected while AGM 26th October 2013 Term of office is 3 years.

President : Zbigniew Blimke

President Elect: Jacek Szulc

Past President: Roman Aleksiewicz

Honorary Secretary: Tomasz Pięknik

Honorary Treasurer: Andrzej Lisowski

Member at Large: Violetta Olender, Jarosław  Popiel, Jerzy Gawor

Auditory Comission: Iwona Taszkun, Katarzyna Jodkowska, Paweł Kołodziejczak

PSAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016

2016 List of Activities:
1. PSAVA Annual Congress  18/19 November 1400 participants
2. Translation into Polish updated Vaccination Guidelines
2. Contracts with other education providers in Poland which gives PSAVA members discounts
3. Comissioned project of the book: Hereditary defects in dogs breeds - the publishing is planned for 2017
4. Educational projects for Dentistry, Neurology, Ophthalmology Surgery and Regenerative Medicine included seminars and Congress workshops
5. Update of the PSAVA Constitution with changes making possible new educational commitments
6.Contract with Hill’s Pet Nutrition renewed

2016 Highlights

Successful bid for organising WSAVA Congress in 2020.
Approved FECAVA 2020 in Poland
Election of the new Board:
President Jacek Szulc
President Elect: Andrzej Lisowski
Past President Zbigniew Blimke
Secretary: Tomasz Pieknik
Treasurer: Iwona Taszkun
Members: Wojciech NIzanski, Jaroslaw Popiel, Jerzy Gawor
Preparations for 25th PSAVA Congress in 2017


PSAVA Board activities 2014 and 2015

  1. New logo  designed and accepted (attached to change at the website)
  2. Digitalization of registration and identification system while PSAVA Congress.
  3. Preparation to apply for WSAVA Congress 2020.
  4. 2014 Meetings: 4
  5. Delegation to WSAVA Congress Capetown 2014 reported to Polish magazines
  6. Polish Day while Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Lviv June 2015 and Ukrainian day while XXIII PSAVA Congress in Warsaw
  7. Translation of Nurses manuals of Surgery, Anesthesia and Infectious disease is being prepared
  8. Providing WSAVA Congress Organizing Comittee adverts in Proceedings, websites and free insert in the conference bags while our congresses. (Bangkok 2015)
  9. Contribution in  ESVONC Congress May 2015, Krakow. Supported  and approved by both sites. Polish Day organized  by PSAVA dedicated to general practitioners needs
  10. Contribution in ESVD/ECVD Congress October 2015 Krakow Supported and approved by both sites. Polish delegates will receive discounted registration fee
  11. Agreement with Pet Insurance Company. Lynx 5 years cooperation.
  12. Endorsment of WSAVA Global Pain Guidelines for Recognition, Assessment, and Treatment of Pain . and preparations to translate it into polish language.    


The working groups of PSAVA:  

Dermatology: Organization of Congress session, Conference Stare Jablonki November  2014; 100 participants.  

Dentistry: Educational project for the veterinarians and nurses  stage I and II 3 workshops  May June 2014; 60 veterinarians and nurses; Congress session;  

Surgery: Orthopedic workshop PreCongress wtlabs

Ophthalmologists: Congress wetlabs and session Imaging: Conference September Lodz 100 participants, 6 workshops  

Educational events including PSAVA Congress in 2014:

14   XXII PSAVA Congress 24-26th October 2014 in Warsaw. 1050 participants, 28 lecturers.    

Other activities

2014 PSAVA Golf tournament October

2014 Photographic competition “My pet is fun” Contribution in Small Animal Behavioural Conference in 2014 in Warsaw  

Activity outside Poland

Attending in FECAVA Council meeting, FECAVA Eurocongress, WSAVA Assembly meeting, Congress Steering Committee More active contribution in European structures. FECAVA Board.

Oncologic and Dermatologic groups agreed with European Associations to host in 2015 European Events.

+48 81 445 61 58