Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA)

Philippines | Full Member

President / WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Edgardo Unson

Members: 123


Newly Elected Board of Trustees and Officers for 2015 

President – Dr. Edgardo Unson

Vice President – Dr. Anselma Mariño

Secretary – Dr.Daisy Macaraeg

Treasurer – Dr. Jerry Hawson

Auditor – Dr. Ryan Yandug III

Director – Dr. Odysseus Camarillo

Immediate Past President – Dr. Joy Santos


All communications will now be for the attention of the new president and secretary. It is also suggested to include the office secretary in all communications so that she can regularly inform the officers of any new communications.


Association Overview/ History:

  • The Philippine Animal Hospital Association, Inc. (PAHA) has been in existence since 1978. However, it was only registered and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 24,1987. It is registered as a non-stock non-profit organization with the SEC.
  • Membership is institutional in nature.
  • The Board of Trustees is elected every year on the last Monday of September  of each year.
  • There are seven (7) Board of Trustees (BOT) elected and from among the Trustees they vote amongst themselves the President, Vice President Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor, Immediate Past president and 1 Director . The term of office is one (1) year beginning from January 1 and ends on Dec 31.
  • PAHA is an affiliate member of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) which is the accredited veterinary organization by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). The PVMA is a member of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Association(FAVA) and the World Veterinary Association (WVA).
  • PAHA is the Vice Chairman seat for 2015-2016. PAHA is regular member of the Department of Agriculture Committee on Animal Welfare (DA-CAW). The DA-CAW was formed to assist the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture to create policies on Animal Welfare. The formation of the committee is sanctioned by Republic Act 8485 commonly known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998.
  • PAHA has been given a seat at the National Rabies Prevention and Control Committee (NRPCC) which is the core group of the National elimination committee for Rabies, to include veterinarians in the private practice to be part of the National Rabies Campaign. 
  • Member of World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) since 2008
  • Member of the Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FASAVA) since 2009
  • Member of the Asia Oceania Veterinary Group (AOVG)


PAHA member report for WSAVA for 2015


 2015 Highlights 


• PAHA 2015 Partners Meeting – 

   5 Premium Partners- 

    Hills’, MSD, Royal Canin,  Zoetis, Denmar Enterprises 


                11 Major Partners- 

               Bayer, Merial, Mars, Vetmate, Vitality,     Nordep Philippines, Avli Enterprises, Unahco, 

Pet One, Agfield, Kindria 

               (January 8)


              . 1st Joint Meeting of PAHA and VPAP (Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines) 



• 1st Monthly Membership Meeting/

  . PAHA 1st Planning Meeting 


• NAVC North American Veterinary Conference Orlando Florida

. National Rabies Communication Planning Workshop, Tagaytay, Cavite

. Induction of PAHA to the NRPCC

. PAHA appointed Animal Welfare Disaster Preparedness TWG for the Animal Welfare committee




• Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) Annual Conference 

   PAHA sponsors Dr. Bruno Chomel For Plenary . " Learning from Best Practice : The Lima, Peru Experience : Eradication of Rabies in 1984)

.- PAHA sponsors Dr Bruno Chomel for the National Rabies Prevention and Control Committee(NRPCC) regional meeting.

-PAHA sponsors Dr Bruno Chomel to for the Local Government Unit Monthly Meeting

_ PAHA representation at the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC ) for ASEAN Forum for MRA ( mutual recognition agreements)


 MARCH 2015 

• 2015 Rabies Awareness Month & BAI and DOH Press Conference on Rabies Free Philippines  (March 8)

-PAHA actively participated in the first SPAY and NEUTER which is incorporated in the mass dog vaccination and rabies 

              awareness campaign   Bangkal, Makati City

         _ PAHA participation in the University of the Philippines Rabies vaccination drive 



PAHA partners with the San Pablo City Local Government for Spay and Neuter of Stray Dogs and cats



APRIL 2015



PAHA Learning Veterinarian Series

        The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and 

         PAHA  RADIOLOGY Workshop 4 days hands on interactive. ( 60 participants ). DAP Ortigas



          PAHA Spay and Neuter Puerto Galera, Mindoro . Rabies and Core Vaccination to stray dogs and cats



          PAHA spearheads 1st Consultative talks on Companion Small Animal Collegial body with Academe, private practitioners and collegial bodies


PAHA convenes Review on the National Rabies Strategy




MAY 2015 

WSAVA Global Animal Outreach, Tacloban/Palo, Tanaun Leyte May8-11

 One Welfare One world. 

 1st international and multi local veterinary  and NGO collaboration  in a non disaster. Spay and neuter,Rabies and core vaccination, veterinary medical treatment and lectures


WSAVA Conference, Bangkok, Manila

PAHA participation in the General Assembly ( E. Unson Country rep)

PAHA reports to the WSAVA committees on the WSAVA Global Outreach in 




• Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines (VPAP) Scientific Meeting

        Edgardo. Unson speaker for Practice management

        Edgardo Unson VPAP Plenary moderator   

      PAHA leads 2nd Consultative Talks on Companion Small Animal Collegial Body

    . Committee on Animal welfare representation Draft on the IRR of Animal Welfare Enforcement Officers      



1st Dentistry Specialty Workshop Module 1

Dr , James Anthony  3 day workshop hands on

DAP, Ortigas Center , Pasig City



PAHA Monthly Members meeting : radiology safety





WSAVA CE : Anesthesia and Pain Management . Making the most of your Anesthesia . The useo Opiods. Monitoring your anesthesia patient

Dr Alan H. Taylor and Susana Nicola Taylor

July 8 & 9 Clark , Angeles City, Pampanga



PAHA speaks to the Cebu Chapter of the PVMA on Small Animal Practice and the ASEAN Integration

Cebu City, Cebu






• PAHA Learning Veterinarian Series

Surgery Workshop: Skin Flaps, Skin Grafts

Hernia repairs, Complicated wound closure, Suture patterns

Dr . Alane Cahalane

DAP, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

- PAHA elected vice Chair position to the committee on Animal Welfare

- PAHA Spay and Neuter with the Local Government Unit of Muntinlupa City

-PAHA representation to PRC CPD 

- PAHA Members Meeting

  Case report Writing and Scientific Paper Writing for Small Animal Practitioners

     Dr. Jezie Acorda 

- PAHA representation for private practitioners on Dog Population Management



- PAHA Collaboration with the Local government Unit Of Cagayan de Oro City and the PVMA for Spay and Neuter

     Rabies and core vaccinations

- PAHA speaks to the joint PVMA Northern Mindanao Chapters . Small Animal practice and the ASEAN Integration

- ANNUAL PAHA Conference " Looking into your practice...With New eyes "

   Clinical Pathology : Hematology. Dr Susan Beetson ( Univ of Sydney)

   Dermatology : Atopic Dermatitis Approaches to Management, Allergy Serum Immune Therapy ; Food Allergies

    Dr. Simon Quek ( Mt Pleasant, Singapore) 

  Practice Management : Social Media Strategy  Eric Garcia ( Florida USA)

  Animal Welfare Essentials for Small Animal Practitioners

      Dr. Natasha Lee (WAP)

  Ethics and Legal Issues For Small Animal Practitioners

     Atty. Ernesto Tabujara



• Exhibitors Meeting for the Annual Conference 

     Venue- Acacia Hotel Manila, 55 company exhibitors attended; Biggest number of PAHA participants

      • PAHA Annual Business  Meeting and Election of Board of Trustees 

                     & Officers  (September 2015) 

             Newly Elected Board of Trustees and Officers for 2015

             President – Dr. Edgardo Unson

             Vice President – Dr. Odysseus      Camarillo 

             Secretary – Dr.Daisy Macaraeg

             Treasurer – Dr. Jerry Hawson

             Auditor – Dr. Ryan Yandug III

             Director – Dr. Emma  Marino 

             Director - Dr Maysie Batinga 

             Immediate Past President – 


 PVMA House of Delegates Meeting 

           Dr. Edgardo Unson  – PAHA representative 



• World Rabies Day Celebration and Animal Welfare Kick off

       BAI declaration of Rabies free zones in the Philippines 

        Venue – Quezon City Circle 

  - PAHA members sign up for GARC Rabies  Educator Online Certification 


- Accreditation 5 new clinics. Iligan City, markina City, Antipolo, Valenzuela Bulacan, San Juan City




        PAHA Members Meeting; Dr Raymond De Villa  ( Southern California Philippine Veterinarians President)  ; Cranial Crucial Ligament Surgical Approach


• PAHA representation Bureau of Animal Industry/ PVMA on Antimicrobial Resistance in  Companion Small Animal 







• The Learning Veterinarian Dental Specialty Workshop Module 2 &3 

( 6 day workshop)



    Dr. James Anthony 

- FASAVA Annual Conference Taiwan 






• The PAHA Learning Veterinarian

    CARDIOLOGY : Mastering Heart Sounds, Auscultation, New Approaches to cough, Mastering ECG

Makati City



Dr. Etienne Cote

Atlantic Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Prince Edward Island , Canada


- The PAHA Learning Veterinarian

Royal Veterinary College(RVC) -PAHA

Small Animal Diagnostic  ULTRASONOGRAPHY  ( 4 days) 

Libis, Quezon City 

Dr Randi Drees

Dr. Richard Lam

Ella Fitzgerald


• Transition Meeting of the 2015 and 2016 PAHA Board of Trustees

                  Venue Libis Quezon City




• First Board Meeting for 2015  and

PAHA Christmas Party and Oath Taking of new set of Officers



             - HSI and PAHA talks on MOA training 



2015 Highlights:

•  Vice Chair for Committee on Animal Welfare -  Seat given to the National Rabies Prevention and control committee 


• Official Representation to WSAVA, FASAVA, NAVC, AOVG


• 4 monthly membership meetings


• 3 local conferences (PVMA, VPAP, PAHA)


• Free CE lectures with Partners

1. Veterinary Cardiology 

2. Scientific Paper writing

3. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Surgery Appoach

4. Radiology Safety 


• 4 Forums and Workshops

1. Stakeholders Rabies Forum in the Philippines

2. WSAVA One Care Forum and Workshop

3. Merial 1st ASEAN and ISC vaccination Forum

4. Stakeholders Forum on Vaccination Guideline for Dogs and Cats


• 5 intensive Continuing Education

1. RVC Radiology

2. RVC Ultrasonography

3. 1st DENTAL SPECIALTY WORKSHOP 2 year program 6 Modules Dentistry Specialty Lecture and hands on workshop

4. WSAVA CE on Anesthesia , Opiods and PAin Management

5. Surgery Skin folds and Skin grafting


• 21st  Annual PAHA Conference “Looking Into your Practice with New eyes " 


• 4th WSAVA CE on Anesthesia and Pain Management  by Dr Alan H. Taylor and Susana Nicola Taylor


• 5 activities & outreach programs

1. WSAVA 2nd Global  Animal Outreach – Tacloban, Leyte

2. BAI Rabies  in Makati City

3. Spay and Neuter in Tacloban City , San Pablo City, Puerto Galera, Cagayan de Oro City, Muntinlupa City,  with Humane Society International and City veterinarians office   

5. World Rabies Day Celebration – BAI – Quezon City 



Representative Phone: +639189451129