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Julie Hutt

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Brief History of NZVNA

The New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association was set up in 1992 to promote the profession of veterinary nursing in New Zealand.  Having grown from small beginnings, the Association now has over 650 members in practices throughout the country and a number of overseas members, all of whom regularly are kept in touch with veterinary nursing issues through our online newsletters, quarterly journal and an annual conference and meetings.

The Aims and Objectives of the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association are:

To foster and promote the highest standards of veterinary nursing;

To foster and promote the interests and status of qualified veterinary nursing staff, trainee veterinary nursing staff, and lay staff in the employment of members of the veterinary profession;

To provide advice and assistance where feasible to those persons mentioned in the above point;

To provide help and advice to persons wishing to make veterinary nursing their career;

To keep a record of members;

To take part in other activities relevant to the practice of veterinary nursing


In March 2013, the NZVNA applied and was accepted as an affiliate member of the WSAVA and became the first veterinary nursing association to join the WSAVA Global veterinary community.


NZVNA Annual Member Report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activities:

NZVNA Conference 23-24 June, Hamilton, New Zealand

Veterinary Nurse Day

Veterinary Nurse of the Year

AGM Minutes


Highlights for 2015

Membership of the NZVNA has increased over the last 12 months to 965 (as of 18 June 2016).

At the end of 2015, the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association introduced voluntary registration for veterinary nurses working in New Zealand under the instruction of a veterinarian.

  • The registration has been split into six categories:
    • Registered Veterinary Nurse
    • Registered Veterinary Technologist
    • Registered Veterinary Nurse Specialist
    • Listed Veterinary Nurse
    • Listed Rural Animal Technician
    • Listed Veterinary Nursing Assistant

  • To be placed on the register, veterinary nurses must hold a recognised qualification and in the year proceeding their registration complete at least 40 hours of work under a veterinarian and gain at least 20 continuing education points.

  • To stay on the register they must meet these requirements annually.

  • For 2016, we have 236 veterinary nurses on the register – 89 as listed and 147 as registered.

  • With the formation of the Veterinary Nursing Register and the then formation of the Accredited Veterinary Professional Council who will oversee the register, the NZVNA Council has changed their name to the NZVNA Executive Committee.

The NZVNA Executive Committee is made up of President - Julie Hutt, Vice-President - Amy Ross, Secretary - Fiona Hastie, Treasurer and Membership Secretary - Kathy Waugh and 8 committee members.

The NZVNA is a permanent core member of the International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association (IVNTA) in which we take on an active role in the quarterly teleconference meetings and any additional workload that ensues from these meetings.

We continue to deliver a quarterly journal to all of our members. With the role of editor being passed over to Antionette Ratcliffe, the journal is going from strength to strength in providing excellent quality articles which range from case studies and technical articles to book and continuing education reviews.

July 2016 saw the release of our new look website - The changes have provided an easier to navigate interface.

In June 2016, NZVNA joined with the New Zealand Veterinary Association for annual conference. In 2017 we will be holding a stand-alone conference. Location and dates to still be confirmed.

On Friday 14th October 2016 we will be celebrating Vet Nurse Day to celebrate how far we have come as Allied Veterinary Professionals and to raise awareness of our profession. On this date we will also be announcing the winner of the Vet Nurse of the Year 2016.

 Benefits of membership include:

  • Quarterly journal

  • HR Support

  • Occupational Health and Safety Advice

  • Reduced conference fees

  • Sciquest Veterinary Nursing Library

  • Registration


Why NZVNA is a WSAVA member:

New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association strives to PROTECT, PROMOTE AND PROVIDE the highest standards of veterinary nursing care.

We see that the WSAVA vision is:  The WSAVA is dedicated to the continuing development of companion animal care around the world. WSAVA Mission: to foster exchange of scientific information between individual veterinarians and veterinary organizations.

We feel that being a WSAVA member will help up promote and provide the guide we need to help us achieve our goals.


How NZVNA will use our WSAVA membership to further the needs of our members and overall needs of small animal veterinarians/nurses globally: 

The NZVNA will use our membership to keep our members up to date with current guidelines and recommendations in animal welfare and health.  Enabling us to give the correct information to our clients and their pets also help support our veterinary surgeons.  An example of this already has been with the development of global nutrition guidelines, and nutrition as the fifth vital assessment.  We now promote this and it is an essential part of our education and daily veterinary nursing duties.


What will our association bring to our partnership with the WSAVA that will benefit the WSAVA and its members?

Our Association will protect, promote and provide the highest standards of veterinary nursing care and in doing this we will be supporting the WSAVA guidelines in many areas.  We will strive to educate the public to promote animal health and welfare and foster the sharing of information between veterinary nurses and veterinarians.






+64 03 3841713