Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association (NSAVA)

Norway | Full Member

Dr Eva Egeberg

WSAVA Representative:

Anna E. Torgersen

Members: 511 active members, 19 non-paying members , 5 honorary members

WSAVA Representative
Norwegian School Of Veterinary Science
Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences
P.O.Box 8146 Dep, N-0033
Oslo, Norway

Address of Association:
Norwegian Small Animal Veterinary Association
c/o DNV
P.O.Box 6781 St.Olavs Plass
N-0130 Oslo, Norway

Email: dnv@vetnett.no
Website: www.vetnett.no (norwegian only)


NSAVA Overview

NSAVA was established in 1976 under the umbrella of the Norwegian Veterinary Association (NVA). 

Vision and mission of NSAVA

To create scientific and social collaboration between members for the benefit of companion animal practice

To represent and promote the interests of companion animal veterinarians in the Norwegian Veterinary Association (NVA)

Contribute for a steady increase in the level of scientific qualifications among members

Influence important decisions in society that affect the companion animal veterinarians and their clients and ensure that society maintains confidence in the high level of qualifications among members of NSAVA


There are at present 39 small animal clinics /hospitals approved by the NVA. Information is disseminated through the website and NSAVA Forum and the NVA Journal. After the remodeling of the NVA website, the members now use a closed group on Facebook as a means of communication and discussion. NSAVA has an ongoing collaboration with users’ organizations, including the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Norwegian Cat Breeding Association

NSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activites

  • “WSAVA Round Table Member’s Forum” April 8, 2016. Birmingham, UK.
  • Developed 4 policy papers for members and public: importing stray dogs; rabbits as pets; exotic pets; brachycephalic dogs.
  • Translated the Cambridge university grading scale for dyspnoe (Boas)
  • CPD: cardiology with ultrasound workshop; endocrinology; cytology; practical ocular surgery.
  • Developed a mentoring system for younger colleagues where older, experienced vets mentor younger colleagues.
  • Planned for 2017:
  • Free CPD for members on rabbit diseases; CPD on dental diseases; imaging with ultrasound workshop.
  • Continue work on guidance and information to members on bacterial resistance problems, antimicrobial use guidelines and protocols.
  • Develop more policy papers on e.g snake bite.


2016 Highlights

  • The official signing of the joint congress protocol between WSAVA and FECAVA at the “WSAVA Round Table Member’s Forum” April 8, 2016.
  • CPD
  • Policy papers
  • Mentoring system for younger colleagues


NSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for 2014


2014 List of activities


CE Course spring 2014: Ophthalmology. Lecturers: Ropstad, Sanchez.

CE Course fall 2014: Neurology in small animal practice  - A nervous breakdown with rehabilitation. Lecturers: Berendt, Sjöström, Smith, Saveraid.

2014 Highlights





Welfare and health in dogs and cats: A collaboration project between NSAVA and Norwegian Food Safety Authority with special focus on:



*Prophylactic treatment, including vaccination and antiparasitic treatment

*Castration in cats 

WSAVA Nutritional Guidelines have been translated to Norwegian CE course including lectures and discussion on veterinarians and social media has been arranged.

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