Macedonian Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA)

Macedonia | Associate Member

President/ WSAVA Representative:

Pero Bozhinovski


Members: 350


Kosturski heroi br 4 G , 1000 Skopje , Macedonia


Overview of MSAVA

The MSAVA beginnings date back to 1978 when we were accepted as a section in then the Jugoslav Small Animal Veterinary Association. 

Since 1997 we exist as Macedonian Small Animal Veterinary Association

In 1999, on the annual FECAVA meeting held in Lyon, France, we were accepted as a member of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations - FECAVA. 

Between 1997 and 2012 the MSAVA worked within the Veterinary Chamber of Macedonia, and since 23 of January 2012 up to date we exist and work independently as a Small Animal Veterinary Association – MSAVA.

MSAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016

2016 List of Activities

  • Continuing education in small animal practice – 04th of June 2016 , place Struga –R.Macedonia,  topic : Practical dermatology or how to make less mistake
  • Veterinary days 2016 – 24th of September 2016 , place Struga –R.Macedonia, topics: Ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal structures in small animals (Practical ultrasound application)  ; Assessment of stage of oestrous cycle or postpartum - Interpreting ultrasound images of the reproductive tract; Practical application of endoscopic procedures in small animals


MSAVA report to WSAVA for 2015

Annual List of Activities

Within days of Veterinary medicine held from 24-26.09.2015 MSAVA participated with one day seminar on 26 th September with 2 topics and lectures from Israel prof.dr Gad Benet topic: Clinical cases on diseases in dogs causes by ticks and frof.dr.Ivan Borisov –Bulgaria, topic: Modern  methods of treatment  and prophylaxis of diseases of the teeth in dogs and cats.

One day seminar and meeting (28.09.2015) dedicated on World rabies day with exposure of statistics and updates for colleagues.

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