Lëtzebuerger Associatioun vun den Klengdéierepraktiker (LAK)

Luxembourg | Full Member

Dr. Myriam Bormann  

WSAVA Representative: 

Dr. Katia Di Nicolo

Members: 145

Medecin Veterinaire
36, rue des Redoutes
L-6476 Echternach


LAK Overview  

LAK is the association of small animal veterinarian practitioners  in Luxembourg. The board meets monthly.

LAK is organizing CE for its members in Luxembourg. Besides  evening CPDs on a  monthly basis there is taking place an annual seminar in winter and/or annual congress in summer.

LAK is coordinating the 24 hour emergency system for companion animals in Luxembourg.

LAK members are present at the Dog Expo for small medical issues and for checking passports at the entrances.

Since 2008 LAK is responsible for the theoretical courses for dog-owners requested by national legislation.

LAK is member of AMVL ( and FECAVA ( ).

The year of the vet 2011 was honored with special festivities and conferences for professionals and the large public on topics such as animal wellfare, zoonosis and the animal-human bond in  Echternach.


Goals of LAK association are:

- promoting the small animal veterinary profession

- promoting  continuing education for small animal veterinarians

- promoting professional relationships between small animal veterinarians


website LAK:

contact: or


LAK Annual Report for WSAVA

LAK Annual Report for WSAVA

2016 List of Activities:

  • Survey on continuing education offer by LAK

  • First issue of newsletter

  • Organizing veterinary presence at the 2 dog expositions in Luxembourg city

  • Organizing theoretical classes for dog owners of listed dogs

  • Monthly evening conferences

  • Petfora in partnership with MSD Animal Health


2016 Highlights:

  • Congress in June: Zoonotic diseases, with Drs. Paul Overgaauw, Oleg Mediannikov and Christian Michaux

  • November: Journey to Hannover to the BPT Congress and Eurotier