Korean Animal Hospital Association (KAHA)

Korea | Full Member

Dr. Juhyung Hur, DVM MS, PhD

WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Kangmoon Seo
Phone: +82 10 5373 8651
Email: kmseo@snu.ac.kr

Members: 500

College of Veterinary Medicine
Seoul National University
599 Gwanango, Gwanak-gu,
Seoul, 151-742, South Korea
Tel: +82 2 880 1265
Fax: +82 2 880 8662


KAHA Overview/History

KAHA was established in 1989 and has tried to improve scientific knowledge of veterinary medicine and professional ethics for general practitioners with providing desirable animal clinic model, to support the right of veterinarians, and to make the best image as the most field service veterinarian to the people in our country. For the goal, KAHA is making efforts through academic conferences, WSAVA meeting, journal and newsletter publications, animal welfare promotion and HAB (Human Animal Bond) activities with companion animals and people.

KAHA Annual report to WSAVA  for 2016


1. Education program

A. Academic conferences

  • May 14-15 2016 '2016 KAHA EXPO' (Sejong University Convention Center)
    Over 1000 attendees, by 35 domestic lecturers

  • October 30 2016 '2016 KAHA Autumn Seminar' (Kimdaejoong Convention Center)
    5 domestic lecturers, over 300 attendees


2. Publication

  • Monthly-based KAHA journal entitled Small Animal Practice (in Korean) since 1991 and is distributing to all members and related in domestic and international organizations to introduce and exchange veterinary-related new scientific knowledge and technique (1,500 copies per month) 

  • Proceedings for KAHA Congress 2016



3. International Collaboration

  • April 18-20 2016, Attending 2016 FASAVA Congress (Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia)
    President JH Hur, Director HS Jeong, HJ Yoon
    Korean Veterinarian over 30 attendees

  • July 8-9 2016, Attending Japan WJVF (Osaka, Japan)
    President JH Hur

  • August 28 2016, BJSAVA Conference (Beijing, China)
    President JH Hur

  • August 30 2016, KAHA-WAHA (World Animal Hospital Association) Meeting



4. KAHA Administrative meeting

  • Congress Committee (three times)

  • Regular General meeting (once)



5. Committee Activities 

A. HAB Committee

  • January-December 2016
    Bupyeong Glory Hosp. CAPP Volunteer <A team>
    Yongin Hyoja Hosp. CAPP Volunteer <B team> 



6. Miscellaneous

A. Strengthening local organization

  • Dec. 3 2016 Night of Daejeon Vets (President JH Hur attended)

  • Dec. 10 2016 Farewell night for Gwangju Animal Hospital Association (President JH Hur attended)



2016 Highlights

A. Academic conferences

  • May 14-15 2016 '2016 KAHA EXPO' (Sejong University Convention Center)


B. HAB Committee

  • January-December 2016
    Bupyeong Glory Hosp. CAPP Volunteer <A team>
    Yongin Hyoja Hosp. CAPP Volunteer <B team>