Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association (JSAVA)

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Dr. Seiji Yamamoto 

WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Tomohiro Nakayama
Email: jsavainfo@jsava.org

Members: 100

2-5-7 Shiba Minato-ku, Shiba JI Bldg. 5F
Tokyo 105-0014
Tel: +81 3 5419 8465
Fax : +81 3 5419 8467
E-mail: jsavainfo@jsava.org
Website: www.jsava.org

 Association Overview

In 1971 as an association for the small animal veterinaries, Zensho-kyo (全日本小動物臨床獣医師協議会)was established.

JSAVA became a member of WSAVA in 1976.

In 1978 name was changed Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association (JSAVA) in from Zensho-kyo.


JSAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2013

2013 List of Activities

  • Issue of publications to JSAVA members
  • Review and discuss about Therapy food problem
  • Review and discuss about Zoonotic disease control
  • Review and discuss about the problems related to a veterinarian
  • In addition to educational activities for assistance dogs, and support activities to training institutions of assistance dog. Additionally, we are subsidizing grant the user of the assistance dog.
  • Continuing education support activities for veterinarians
  • Support of animal breeding activities in kindergarten and elementary school
  • Implementation of educational seminars for animal nurse
  • Natural disaster preparedness activities. And donation activities for members who are victims of disaster

2013 Highlights

On September 1, 2013, at Nihon University, continuing education and clinical training seminars for veterinarians was held. We had the ophthalmology practice using pig eyes, the orthopedic examination and the neurological examination using live dogs, and the echo practice of abdominal and chest with live dogs. We received a very good evaluation from the participants.