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President / WSAVA Representative:
Anil Türer  

Email: president@ivsa.org

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1870 Frederiksberg C
Fax: +45 35 28 21 52
E-mail: info@ivsa.org
Website: www.ivsa.org


IVSA Executive Committee 2014/2015

Malcolm Chong               President

Emma van Rooijen         Secretary General & Vice-President

Ann-Katrin Autz               Member Organization Director

Sofie Svensson               Development Aid Director

Samantha Morici             External Relations Officer

Aqil Jeenah                     Committee Coordinator

Malcolm Chong               Public Relations Coordinator

Panagiotis Galatsanos    Treasurer


IVSA Trust 2014/2015

Pim Polak, the Netherlands (Immediate Past President)

James Bost, United Kingdom

Ines Ben Jebara, Tunisia

Camille Poissonnier, France

Joseph Lunt, United Kingdom


IVSA - a brief history

The IVSA was founded in 1953 in Giessen, Germany and harnesses the enthusiasm and commitment of the global veterinary student body to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education, and knowledge. The IVSA represents over 30,000 veterinary students spanning 6 continents and is active in 55% of the veterinary colleges worldwide and more than 80% of the veterinary schools in Europe. The IVSA is a nonpolitical, not-for-profit association whose official language is English. 

Among their various student-specific activities are:

  • Organizing student exchange programs, individual as well as group programs
  • Holding an annual IVSA congress and an annual IVSA symposium where the General Assemblies will be held.
  • Producing various publications such as newsletters and articles through social media.
  • Supporting veterinary education, in more advantaged as well as disadvantaged countries
  • Supporting student scientific research work
  • Representing the professional interests of veterinary students internationally by liaising with other national and international veterinary medical associations.

For more information or if interested in participating in their student exchange program, visit the IVSA website (www.ivsa.org).


IVSA has developed specific committees to address important issues in veterinary medicine, that are a priority for IVSA as an organization. Currently established committees address One Health, Animal Welfare, and Veterinary Education. These committees are made up of veterinary students from all over the globe who come together to make positive strides toward implementing the goals and vision of IVSA. These committees work to spread knowledge to students, provide resources and support to stimulate students to organize local educational and service events, and inspire veterinary students to become leaders and proponents of positive change in these important and challenging subjects.

- Standing Committee on One Health (ScoH)

- Standing Committee on  Veterinary Education (SCoVE) Animal Welfare Committee (AWC) 

- Working Group on Alumi (WGA)

- Working Group on Policy Statements & Position Papers (WGPS&PP)


Development fund & Scholarship fund

The development fund was created in 1981 with the aim to help disadvantaged veterinary students across the world either financially or through shipping materials such as books. The funds are raised by IVSA members and then kindly doubled up to €5000 by Hill’s, they are then distributed annually to fund at least 2 projects.

IVSA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016


Read the full report here


IVSA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2015


List of activities 2015:

  • This year's Development Fund recipients included Nepal and Bangladesh, which are receiving computers and veterinary medical supplies, respectively. The amount raised for the Development Fund this year was € 6773,- and the € 5000,- from Hills was added on top of that.  This money will be spent for two Development Fund applicants the following year (September 2015 to August 2016)

  • IVSA symposium in Edinburgh and Nottingham in the United Kingdom and the IVSA congress in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Both events had an elaborate scientific and academic program as well as social and cultural activities. At the symposium and the congress the General Assemblies took place successfully as well as the development fund auctions.

  • Live meetings of the Executive Committee in Istanbul, Turkey in October and in Baldwin, USA in March.

  • IVSA representatives at many meetings and general assemblies of different organizations such as OIE, SAVMA, AVMA, WSAVA, WVA, IFISO, IFMSA, UIA roundtable, FVE and EAEVE as well as event such as the One Health congress, CVBD symposium, EXPO 2015 and many more. 

  • Projects organized by our the Standing Committee on One Health such as the Global One Health Challenge, a competition for World Rabies Day together with IFMSA and GARC and a joint workshop with medical students at the General Assembly of IFMSA. 

  • IVSA was stakeholder in organizing the 6th edition of the World Healthcare Student Symposium which was held in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia in November 2015. It was the first time that veterinary students helped organizing the WHSS.

  • Project by our Standing Committee on Veterinary Education to grant students access to education materials through their established ‘EDU+platform’, the newly launched ‘VETTalks’, partnering with Vetstream and the making a ‘Vet Career Map’. All these projects can be found on the SCoVE website

  • The first ‘Computer Drive’ was organized during the IVSA symposium after partnering with ‘Computers4Africa’.

  • New partnerships were signed between Vetstream, Vet Books for Africa, IAAS (agriculture students), World Health Student Alliance (with medical, pharmacy and dentistry students), FAO, Multiview, VetPD, Henry Schein, Wikivet and Mission Rabies. 


Other highlights:

  • The top 3 best group exchanges were: 

  • IVSA Malaysia-Taiwan-South Korea-Indonesia

  • IVSA Austria- IVSA SAVMA (US)

  • IVSA Belgium – IVSA South Africa

  • At our congress alone we welcomed 9 more member organizations from Albania, Australia, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Philippines and Turkey.

  • The first Position Papers were approved by the General Assembly on ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ and ‘The Five Freedoms’. 

  • Two more ‘Honorary Life Members’ were elected by the General Assembly; Frederic Lohr and James Bost

  • IVSA was granted ‘Consultative Status’ by the United Nations















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