International Veterinary Ear Nose and Throat Association (IVENTA)

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President /  WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Gert ter Haar

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Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Utrecht
PO Box 80154, NL-3508 TD Utrecht,
Yalelaan 108
The Netherlands

 No annual report for 2013 submitted

IVENTA Annual report to WSAVA 2013

Between the Birmingham WSAVA congress and the Auckland WSAVA congress in 2013 there haven’t been nor will there be substantial changes or major events for the IVENTA. The next IVENTA precongress meeting will be in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa! Also, ENT diseases will receive a lot of attention during a mainstream session on the WSAVA congress itself. The IVENTA website www.IVENTA.org has been launched, but is still under construction. For those who want to have a quick glance, be our guest! IVENTA is happy to report that 6 new members have joined our organization since the previous report. Hopefully 2013 will see a further growth of ENT enthusiasts all over the world!

Dr. G. ter Haar, DVM, PhD, MRCVS, DECVS

Senior Lecturer Soft Tissue Surgery – ENT

Royal Veterinary College, London, UK