International Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ISVO)

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WSAVA President:
Dr. Bruce Robertson

Membership: 750

64 Bd Barry
13013 Marseille, France
Fax: +33 4 91 70 24 45

ISVO Executive Committee 2015

Past President                 Bruce Robertson (Australia) 

President                            David Maggs (USA)                

President elect:                Kang Moon Seo (S Korea)   

Secretary Treasurer      Sandra van der Woerdt (USA) 

Members                             Peter Bedford (UK) 

                                                  Gil Ben Shlomo (USA/Israel) 


                                                  Filipe Wouk (Brazil) 



ISVO Annual report to WSAVA 2013

During the last ISVO meeting in Jeju, it was decided under the proposal of  Dr Peter Bedford, current president, to increase activity of ISVO by launching a travel scholarship and increasing the number of issues of the journal:”The Globe”.
The scholarship:
ISVO offers two  travel  scholarships/year to enable vets with interest in ophthalmology to spend a period of time in centers of excellence.
Information can be obtained from the secretary at:
The journal:
Thanks to the editor: Dr Claudio Peruccio (, The Globe contains details , announcements and reports of all major events related to veterinary ophthalmology.
The ISVO bisannual meeting:
The next ISVO meeting will be organised in Auckland as a two days post congress meeting (Saturday 9th March and Sunday 10th March), following the WSAVA Ophthalmology stream. The program includes many different and interesting topics, from small animal glaucoma to equine ophthalmology.

Maurice Roze