Iran Small Animal Veterinary Association (ISAVA)

Iran | Full Member

WSAVA President /WSAVA Representative

Dr. Syeyd Javid Aldavood
Members: 288

P.O. Box 14195-746
Tehran, Iran

Tel: +0098 21 66906700

Association Overview

Small animal veterinary accreditation ministry founded in 1384 with the aim of establishing a relationship between veterinarians working in this profession more to raise awareness of pet clinics and veterinarians and pet lovers are.

We have over two hundred members and members of the international community's small animal veterinarians is address.

Registration Information Community Tehran small animal veterinary can be seen on the screen.

Board meetings are held on a weekly basis to review the issues and problems of the community members and veterinary clinics, pet deals.


ISAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2015

2015 List of Activities


Ophthalmology, International workshop on Ultrasonography, Cardiology, Dentistry CE in 16 and 17th. Dec. Official member election, Official meetings and making membership in veterinary council and veterinary organization

2015 Highlight

CE workshop by Dr. Cedric Tutt from South Africa