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HKVA Annual report to WSAVA  for 2014

The Hong Kong Veterinary Association 

2014 has been a productive year for the Association with a load of CPD being organized although there was no WSAVA CE held in Hong Kong.  We also organized speakers for and were involved in an advisory capacity with the South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference held recently in Guilin, North Guangxi. 

HKVA continues to keep in touch with the Mainland and has enabled the HKVA to strengthen our ties with the small animal veterinary associations in Southern and Middle China.

The HKVA is actively involved with the Asia Oceania Vet Group which is the official CPD arm of FAVA.

We work closely with WSAVA and FASAVA executive boards and member associations. HKVA representatives participated and voted at the WSAVA and FASAVA Assembly meetings held in Cape Town and Beijing, respectively in 2014. HKVA actively voices out for the interest and benefit of veterinary professions.

HKVA executives and vet school subcommittee had provided professional veterinary opinions, local and regional veterinary practice survey responses and information for the feasibility review and the decision of the University Grant Committee to make informed decision on funding of the City University for the local veterinary school in Hong Kong. 

HKVA and our vet members were involved with the public Legco meeting concerning changes to the Veterinary Surgeons Board (VSB) Ordinance. 

The HKVA in association with St John’s Ambulance ran a pilot Pet’s First Aid Course with St John’s instructors.  We are continuing to work with St John’s on this project and will keep you notified of progress.

Thanks to the hard work being done by the Clinic Accreditation Sub-committee and we are hoping to have a proposal for a Clinic Accreditation Scheme available for discussion by members of the profession in 2015.


By the end of December 2014, HKVA had 256 memberships. 


The coming year is a voting year for election of the HKVA Executive. 


Warm regards,


Dr. Veronica LEONG

WSAVA representative