Georgian Small Animals Veterinsry Association (GEOSAVA)

Georgia | Full Member


Dr. Elena Tchitchinadze

WSAVA representative:

Dr. Elena Tchitchinadze

+995 32 238 98 11



Tbilisi city

Kaloubani Street N. 38, apt. 32

Members: 58


GEOSAVA Overview

Georgian Small Animals Veterinary Association was founded in October 2013 and we held the first Conference at the same time with support of BAYER company. The applications to WSAVA and FECAVA were submitted in 2014. From the moment of Association foundation was held 13 seminars b 8 master-classes. GeoSAVA takes part in all veterinarian activities in Georgia. The program of free sterilization, vaccination against rabies.


Our goals and objectives

It was a long-held dream to join veterinarians in our country, because it is easier to work together. When we started gathering we had 10 people. Now the Association consists of 61 members. And they are not simply doctors. They are practitioners for small animals. Education is the most interesting thing that we can get together. To keep pace with the times, to know about all the achievements of the world small animal veterinary medicine - it is impossible to do it, by being locked in the the clinic and not communicate with colleagues. We have two doctors went on to Ukraine and Estonia to the internship. Twice they already traveled to the Conference. In our country is not easy to get a visa. But we will overcome it.

Our partner, for the present moment, is the Society for the protection of animals which make free sterilization of dogs and cats. As we help to find a new home for the homeless abandoned animals. Members of our Association became a full complement of doctors from the clinic of the Agrarian University. And students are involved in the learning process. It takes off some problems us to find rooms for seminars.

We have a small country, small market, but we are courageous in our desire to learn. Uniting will help us to do it. This is why GEOSAVA was created.  


GEOSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activities

March 13th Master-class on dermatology Speaker Svetkana Belova

April 10th Master-class on Rentgenology. Speaker Vladlen Ushakov

September 11th FECAVA day of Georgia and seminar. Rentgenology

September 25th - work-shop of ''Practical use of sedation and premedication of dog and cats. Speaker Linas Varanauskas

December 20th - Work-shop of Ortopedic. Speaker Dmitry Berejnoi



2016 Highlights

Meeting of all board FECAVA. They had speech in front of the members of Association. It was unforgettable.