Finnish Association of Veterinary Practitioners (FAVP)

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Dr Karoliina Autio

WSAVA Representative
Dr. Minna Rinkinen
Email: minna.rinkinen@sep.fi

Members: 611

Veterinary Clinic Veter
Peltokatu 16
33100 Tampere, Finland

Fax: +358 10 426 3815
Website: www.sep.fi

FAVP Annual Report to WSAVA for 2015

FAVP was founded 1964 to support private small animal and equine practitioners and to provide high quality continuous education for its members. 


2015 List of Activities:

Annual General Meeting and CE seminars in March. Smaller CE event (Locat speakers mostly) in September or October

Travel grant (1000 euros each) to 5 FAVP members in January

Informal, informative event for vet students in May


2015 Highlights:

CE seminars in March (small animal respiratory diseases) and in October (small animal behavioral problems) 

Translation of FECAVA hygiene and responsible antibiotic policy posters in Finnish (can be downloaded from our web site)