Estonian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ESAVA)

Estonia | Full Member

President / WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Janne Orro-Taruste

Members: 154

Postkast 2704,
Tallinn 13802, Estonia
Tel: +372 52 23 398


ESAVA Overview

ESAVA was founded at 1994 and association unites almost all companion animal veterinarians in Estonia.

ESAVA integrates most of companion animal practitioners in Estonia. Our association concentrates on continuing education of small animal vets, participates actively in establishing education system for veterinary nurses, maintains Estonia's largest and oldest pet registry since 2002


ESAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2014

 2014 List of Activities:


  • Yearly meeting and Continuing Education event in April 

  • Continuing Education meeting in May, subject was Endocrinology and speaker dr. Kamil Tomsa from Switzerland

  • Cooperation with Estonian Veterinary Association organizing companion animal program in yearly conference

  • Groups in Continuing Education Events outside Estonia: Latvian WSAVA-supported event 20 Estonians, Munich FECAVA Eurocongress 19 Estonians


2014 Highlights:

  • 20th anniversary

  • Bidding and winning the right to organize FECAVA Eurocongress 2018