Danish Small Animal Veterinary Association (DSAVA)

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WSAVA President/Representative

Dr. Anne Sørensen
Phone: +45 40 37 43 67
Email: anne.dsava@gmail.com


Members: 1010


DDD, Peter Bangsvej 30, DK-2000 Frederiksberg


Tel: +45 38 710888
Fax: +45 38 710322
E-mail: ITM@emdrupvej28a.dk
Website: www.ddd.dk

DSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for 2016


The Board has been busy. The big issues the last couple of years have been:


ISO standardisation

Now the system has developed to also include horse practices. The overall satisfaction from members of the ISO system is very good.


Antibiotic guidelines update

The first version is now a couple of years old, and work is being done to renew all chapters so that the guidelines are updated. Next version will be only electronic and available as an app. We plan to finish it in mid 2017.


WSAVA/FECAVA congress perparations

It is very exciting that this congress will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 2017. We are working together with the PCO Kenes. Many people from Kenes, from the boards of WSAVA, FECAVA and DSAVA are involved. We are looking forward to a congress that we intend to make really successful.