Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA)

Affiliated Member


Dr. Peter Thornber


WSAVA Representative:

Dr. S. Abdul Rahman

Phone: 919844066352

The Commonwealth Veterinary Association (CVA) was founded in 1967 as one of the professional associations of the Commonwealth Foundation and is made up of national veterinary associations or approved bodies of Commonwealth countries, and also some non-Commonwealth countries.

The CVA is divided into six geographical regions- Asian Region, Australasia/Oceania Region; Canada Caribbean region; East, Central and Southern African Region, West African Region, and the UK Mediterranean region. Regular Regional meetings are held in the above regions every two years and once in four years a Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference is held.

The technical activities of CVA cover a wide range and include the following:

  1. Journal, Book and Audio Visual Programme

  2. Projects

  3. Training Programmes, Workshops and Seminars

  4. Support for Veterinary Education

  5. CVA Study Fund

  6. Future Strategies

  7. CVA Website

  8. CVA Publications ~ E-News Letter,CVA Handbook, Activity Report, CVA Brochure

    View the CVA Activity Report 2015-2016.