Croatian Small Animal Veterinary Section (CSAVS)

Croatia | Full Member

President / WSAVA Representative:
Lea Kreszinger DMV
E-mail: fiziovet@gmail.com 


Heinzelova 55

10000 Zagreb

Tel. +385 98 1616 477 

Members: 113


Brief History

Association was inactive for last 3-4 years. On 23rd June 2013, CSAVS was reactivated during its Council meeting in Zagreb. This proactive Section for small animal veterinary practitioners is a part of Croatian Veterinary Chamber at the moment. 


CSAVS Annual report to WSAVA for 2015


2015 List of Activities:

 07.-08.03. Workshop "Cytology, answer the question: inflammation or neoplasm!?", Osijek


17.03. Web seminar "Labeling pets and issuing passports for pets" (sponsored by BAYER)


26.-28.03. 2nd CROATIAN CONGRESS of Small Animal Veterinary Practice, Zagreb (Mike Willard USA, David Lloyd UK, Denis Novak SRB, Pieter Nelissen UK)




20.-23.09. Veterinary days 2015., Opatija:

21.09. Neurology stream (dr. Zoran Loncar (SRB), Ophtalmology Stream (dr. Hrvoje Borosak (CRO))

22.09. Endoscopy in companion animals (sponsored by Olympus; speakers from Zagreb Vet. Faculty – surgery, internal medicine, reproduction)

23.09. Orthopaedic day (dr. Vladislav Zlatinov (BLG), dr. Svetoslav Hristof (BLG), Zoran Loncar (SRB), Milan Matko (SLO), Marko Novak (SLO), Mario Kreszinger (CRO))

12.-13.12. Orthomed Workshop, Opatija (MMP, Ridge stop, SOP; Malcolm Ness UK)


2015 Highlights:

12.12. The founding assembly of Veterinary and Neurology Group (VOG), Opatija, Croatia. Board: President: Zoran Lončar (SRB), Vice president: Mario Kreszinger (CRO), Junior vice president: Nikola Katić (AT), Secretary: Milan Matko (SLO), Treasurer: Marko Novak (SLO); Extended board members: Alessandro Piras (IT), Lea Kreszinger (CRO), Vladislav Zlatinov (BLG). Mission: To promote the subject of veterinary orthopedics and traumatology by means of continuing education; To encourage cooperation between members and to establish close contacts with the Veterinary Orthopedic Societies and other such Societies or organizations that share mutual interests; To encourage its members to pursue original investigations and clinical research and to contribute to the veterinary literature; To recognize individuals, both members and non-members of the Society, who have achieved individual distinction in the fields of veterinary orthopedics and traumatology or who have given outstanding service to the Society. 


00385 98 1616 477