Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association (CSAVA)

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Vojtěch Novák
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Members: 622

Veterinary Clinic
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The Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association (CSAVA) was established in 1991 and presently it has more than 550 members. Its activity is led by a seven-member executive committee, which is headed by president Dr. Jiri Beranek.
The main mission of the association is to provide current information on progress in small animal medicine by organizing or co-organizing scientific seminars and conferences for its members, as well as to publish scientific books, and to provide members with free copies of the FECAVA journal.
CSAVA is a member of the WSAVA and FECAVA, and it informs its members about activities in these associations and their international educational actions by means of the web site www.cavlmz.cz. It has 6 sections (ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, orthopedic, animal behavioral, nursing).
In October 2006, CSAVA organized the 31st World Congress of WSAVA and 12th European Congress of FECAVA in Prague that had a very good resound in the veterinary community.

CSAVA organizes regular scientific seminars in April and annual conferences in October. Parts of these educational events are also programs for veterinary technicians and nurses. At these CE events, top international and domestic experts give their lectures. This year's annual conference will be held in October 24 to 26. The scientific program is dedicated to the feline medicine and was prepared in co-operation with the North American Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (TNAVC - The North American Veterinary Conference).


CSAVA Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 Highlights:

WSAVA conference in Cartagena.

2016 List of Activities:

WSAVA CE course (rabbit and rodent surgery in May 2016)

CSAVA annual conferece Nov. 2016 (with M.Willard, B.vanRyssen, G.TerHaar, D. DeNicola, S. Ellis and others), 450 attendees.


CSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for 2015

2015 List of Activities:

April 10th, How can I be better surgeon? Hradec Kralove

MAY 23rd WSAVA CE Meeting How do I treat, from ophthalmology, oncology, dermatology and urinary medicine

October 9-11th, 23rd Annual conference – feline medicine Hradec Kralove 


Nursing CE

April 10th, Urinary. Hradec Kralove

October 11th, 23rd Annual conference – anesthesiology, Hradec Kralove 

December 6th, How to communicate, Prague