Bosnia-Herzegovina Small Animal Veterinary Association (BHSAVA)

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Dr. Igor Jerkovic (acting president)


WSAVA Representative
Dr. Josip Krasni D.V.M.

Avde Hume 6
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia-HerzegovinaTel/Fax: +387 33 233 794
Cell phone: +38761 133 368

Members: 19


Association Overview

Bosnia- Herzegovina Small Animal Veterinary Association BHSAVA – BHUVMŽ, was founded in 2000. The first president and the founder of the Association BHUVMŽ was Dr. Josip Krasni, Secretary of the Association was Dr. Slaven Grbic, and the treasurer Dr. Haris Custovic.

So far, the Association organized eight symposia, and the seven were held under the auspices of WSAVA. The Association kindly thanks for the extensive support and assistance to all involved in these projects, including the sponsors. 


BHSAVA Annual report to WSAVA for  2015


2015 List of Activities:

In 2015, BHSAVA held eight meetings to discuss and follow-up on the activities of WSAVA. The Association members were promptly notified of the events and the activities of WSAVA. 

We are still struggling with the problem of a unique micro chipping of dogs and maintaining a unique registration data base at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Association, we were pointing this out to the competent authorities but also about still existing problem of nontransparency of the turnover of veterinary drugs and their traceability, the area that needs to be improved by adopting new legislation at the level of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The problem of the presence of an enormous number of stray dogs on the streets of Sarajevo and other towns in BiH has been considerably decreased thanks to the efforts and support of the Dogs Trust Foundation in organization and financing of sterilization and neutering of stray and owner dogs, and identification of owner’s animals and the population of the stray dogs in Sarajevo.  


2015 Highlights:

The IX Symposium of Small Animal Diseases, as a part of CE program under the auspices of WSAVA, was held on April 17, 2015 in Sarajevo. The lectures were attended by 49 participants, and we are particularly pleased that among those present there were 20 students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.  For the circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I consider this to be a very good number.

This year the lectures were in gastroenterology including seven lectures in gastroenterology without an endoscope. The lecturer was Prof. Edward Hall who was excellent, and the participants were truly enthused and inspired by his brilliant presentations. The overall rating he received from the participants was generally excellent.

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