Belarusian Republic Small Animal Veterinary Association (BelSAVA)

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President / WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Barabash Siarhei

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Minsk City
Republic of Belarus
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 No annual report for 2013 submitted

Brief history of the BelSAVA

Two years ago, the current BelSAVA President and Chief Veterinary Officers of the regional cities of Belarus recognized the need for a small animal veterinary association and BelSAVA was officially founded on February 7, 2011.

The purpose of the association is to enhance the prestige of veterinarians in the Republic of Belarus through continuing education in the latest medical and scientific advances in veterinary medicine. Additionally, the association strives to creater links with small animal veterinary associations from around the world.



BELSAVA Annual report to assembly 2013

Seventh day of December in the hotel complex "Victoria" was held the 2nd scientific and practical seminar on veterinary diseases of small animals, organized by the Belarusian Republican public association of doctors of veterinary medicine unproductive animals (BelSAVA). Workshop Topic: Problems of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases of small unproductive animals.

The seminar brought together: scientists and veterinary practitioners Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The seminar started with the opening words of the chairman of the Belarusian public association of doctors of veterinary medicine unproductive animals Barabash Sergei, in which he welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers of the seminar. Sergey recalled the BelSAVA accession to the FECAVA.

The first lecturer was Inyakinа Natalia, veterinary dermatologist of veterinary clinic "League" in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow Veterinary Academy in 2002, she has actively participated in international conferences in Russia and other countries as deligata and lecturer. Is a lecturer at the Russian association of veterinary practitioners. Residency training at the Department of Dermatology Veterinary School of the University of Louisiana, USA. She is widely considered issues of diagnostic tests in dermatology and approach to the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in small animals.

Then performed a specialist to work with veterinary facilities PUE "RuskanBel" Whales Yuri with the theme "The area Dermakomfort-Healthy skin and skin disorders.

The next lecturer came veterinary dermatologist of veterinary clinic "Center", Moscow Korzikova Victoria S.. Graduate fromMoscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology in 2005, had an internship at a veterinary clinic “White Fang” a veterinary dermatologist Ekaterina Kuznetsova, a resident of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology. Is a member of the guild of practicing veterinarians. Constant participant of the annual Moscow International Veterinary Congress. She has been fully disclosed the theme: a systematic approach to the diagnosis of diseases of the skin and the morphology of lesions.

The last lecturer of the seminar was the deputy commercial director Grigory Pike, who described the specific products manufactured by CJSC "Agrobioprom" Moscow.

Lecturers were to ask participants questions that they have received satisfactory answers.

Each participant received a certificate of participation in the workshop.