Asociación de Veterinarios Especializados en Animales de Compañía de Argentina (AVEACA)

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Javier Mas

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WSAVA Representative: 

Guillermina Manigot

E-mail: dermlink@gmail.com


Asociación de Veterinarios Especializados en Animales de Compañía de Argentina
Chile 1856
(1227) C.A.B.A


Memebers: 264

History of Assocation

Since 1992 AVEACA was a Chapter of the Society of Veterinary Medicine and in 2003 it achieved legal status.

The integrants of the Executive Board that founded the Asociation with legal stautus on the 25th of March of 2003 were: 

Dr.  Fernando Alvarez

Dr. Claudio Stiebel

Dr.  Diego Blanco

Dra. Beatríz Martiarena

Dr. Leonardo Sepiurka

Dr. Carlos Schenk

Dr. Roberto Dughetti 

Dr. Carlos Corrales

Dr. Daniel Herrera

Dr. Juan José Krauss 

Dr. Alberto Carugati

Dra. Lidia Pessatti

Dr. José Salgado

Dra. Martina Segura 


AVEACA Annual report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activities


  • AVEACA held a national congress in a 2 day event, with a pre-congress day with multiple workshops, hands-on . The association developed a new program under the supervision of Dr Manigot which was called Aveaca Mondays, a continuing education program which is free to all members, in which a 2 hour CE seminar is given. 
  • AVEACA also had a conference tour with the help of the main sponsor Eukanuba, touring 4 cities with the topic “ diseases of toy breeds, in the view of 3 different specialites “.
  • Aveaca also started a plan to work together with all specialty associations within the country, and develop a stronger education program for next year.
  • Aveaca presented a joint venture program with SOMEVE and the Faculty / UBA and La Plata) with associated programs and continuing education seminars. Several discounts were given to members, to attend courses, seminars and training programs as part of a collaboration program with other associations.
  • AVEACA president and WSAVA representative were in Cartagena and participated in all activities proposed by the association, actively working towards progress and outreach of the chances for other colleagues in the region.  AVEACA was part of several programs at the UBA Facultys extension program.
  • Next year plans include seminars on stress management, dealing with burn out, and dealing with violence inside the clinic ( dealing with aggression towards the veterinary staff ), and considering a second venue for a national congress, in parallel to the main congress.  A program on palliative care, practice management is to be programmed.
  • AVEACA proposed  candidates to many of the year`s awards, and Dr Adriana Noacco from Argentina, was finally awarded with the Henry Schein`s award 2016.


2016 Highlights:

  • Development of the continuing education program at AVEACA, every month. Development of the AVEACA Inicia, a new program to start in 2017, accompanying young colleagues to make their first oral presentation , with a tutor and sponsorship, evaluating the presentation and coaching them. This program idea was developed by dr Manigot with the help of the Board.
  • Aveaca Continuing education program will progress to a certification of the CE hours provided by UBA faculty, which is still to be signed. AVEACA presented the Continuing education together with WSAVA, which was a success due to the dynamics and friendly spirit of the haematologist dr Rafael Ruiz de Gopegui, the invited speaker.  Attendants were Bahia Blanca 40, Tucuman 63, Buenos Aires 161. 
  • Aveaca created a listserv to communicate with all delegates who attended the WSAVA Aveaca continuing education sessions. AVEACA`s  program for 2017 includes developing stronger bonds with the community and the colleagues, and supporting national specialty associations,  calling them into action, together,  starting  with board meetings to discuss needs for the associacions and then develop cooperation programs with them.



AVEACA Annual report to WSAVA  for 2014 is available here