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The Academy of veterinary dentistry is the original certification entity which was founded in 1987 to bring together the various people who were promoting veterinary dentistry. It has since grown to an international association who’s main propose is dental education.

Mission Statement:
The Academy was formed to recognize individuals who dedicate a significant part of their professional activities to veterinary dental practice, instruction or research. The Academy is dedicated to the continued improvement of practice standards and knowledge of veterinary dentistry. We encourage (and offer financial support for) instruction and research in Schools of Veterinary Medicine and share our knowledge and experiences with practitioners through programs in continuing education.


AVD Representative Report to WSAVA 2014

This has been an exciting year for veterinary dentistry.  The AVD will be joining with the American Veterinary Dental College which will increase our membership to approximately 190.  This alliance is almost finalized and should greatly improve overall educational offerings and standardization in veterinary dentistry.  We are looking into also partnering with the European Veterinary Dental College to expand our numbers and international reach even further.

The AVD has been instrumental in the planning of another successful Veterinary Dental Forum in Atlanta last November and will be part of the World Veterinary Dental Congress in Monterey in 2015.  In addition, AVD members have lectured/presented at numerous international meetings.

Over the last few years, the AVD and AVDC have combined to create an excellent client educational tool against anesthesia free dentistry.  This is available on both organizations websites.  The AVD/AVDC website is currently being updated as a place for veterinarians to garner information on all aspects of veterinary dentistry.

The AVD (myself and Dr. Gawor in particular) have been working on a set of WSAVA Dental guidelines.  The committee will not only create the document which will be published, but will also be responsible for the creation of CE presentations for members of the AVDC and AVD to present worldwide.   In addition, to simple and repeatable CE, the committee will create client and professional handouts/literature.  Finally, e-learning modules will be created to expand our reach.   The AVD anticipates that this collaboration will greatly further the knowledge of veterinary dentistry.

AVD members assisted in a presentation of the global nutrition committee on the influence of nutrition on oral health.   At the next meeting (Thailand, May 2015), we will collaborate with a nutritionist on a similar lecture as well as be part of a panel discussion regarding nutrition and oral health.

AVD members also took part in the National Assistance Dog Campaign by offering free oral exams and discount procedures for all service dogs. 

The AVD was instrumental in the promotion of National Pet Dental health Month in February.

Finally, the AVD supported veterinary dental research by providing a grant.


Respectfully Submitted,



  Brook A. Niemiec DVM 




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