Association Marocaine Des Veterinaires Pour Animoux de Companie (AMVAC)

Marocco | Full Member

Dr. Hassan Bouayad

WSAVA Representative
Dr. Hassan Alyakine

Dep PMC Equine Canine
Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire
Hassan II BP 6202 Instituts
10101 Rabat, Morocco

Members: 30




The main aim of AMVAC (Association Marocaine des Vétérinaires pour Animaux de Compagnie) is to:
- Organize continuous education on small animal medicine, surgery, nursing and nutrition for the Moroccan Veterinarians.
- Keep them informed on the recent scientific and technique news concerning small animals.
- National and international representation of the profession within government and other veterinary organizations.
- Participate to veterinary congresses and meetings.

AMVAC is only 18 months old (created January the 1st, 2007).

The majority of our members work in private practice, five of the board are faculty members at the vet school In Rabat.
The 9 member Board of our association are elected for four years.

The board of directors are:

Hassan BOUAYAD - President
Khalid Khallaayoune - Vice President
Hassan ALYAKINE - Secretary
Board Members:
Rahma AZRIB, Soukaina AZIB, Hamid CHAEIB, Anas Igor ELBIED, Mohamed LAMRANI , Mohamed PIRO

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