Associacao Portugesa de Medicos Veterinarios Especialistas em Animais de Companhia (APMVEAC)

Portugal | Full Member

Dra. Lisa Mestrinho

Email: presidente@apmveac.pt

WSAVA Representative

Dr. Emir Chaher

Email: tesoureiro@apmveac.pt

Phone: +351 218 404 179



Rua Américo Durão, 18D
1900-064 Lisboa
Phone: +351 218 404 179
Fax: +351 218 404 180
Email: apmveac@apmveac.pt
Website: http://www.apmveac.pt/

Members: 197

Portuguese Small Animals Veterinary Association, born in 1990. Member of WSAVA, FECAVA and FIAVAC.

APMVEAC Annual Report to WSAVA for 2016


2016 List of Activities

We had six events of continuing education and our first congress of feline medicine.

2016 Highlights

Our congress was a very successful one, with 160 attendees, so we are already planning a second one for this year.


APMVEAC Annual Report to WSAVA for 2015


2015 List of Activities:

  • Maintenance of hip and elbow dysplasia certification programmes
  • Continuing education events

       - 7th March – Radiographic Imaging (organized by the Diagnostic Imaging Interest Group)

       - 16th May – Neurology

       - 31st October – Ophtalmology for clinicians

       - 14th November – Wound healing and bandaging for veterinary nurses and technicians 

  • 6th and 7th June: XXIII APMVEAC National Congress, on Oncology, Neurology and Clinical Pathology. Included a Feline Medicine Course for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians, organized by the Feline Medicine Interest Group

2015 Highlights:

  • Creation of the Associate Practice Status


  • Continuing education event