Associacao Nacional de Clinicos Veterinarios de Pequenos Animals-Brasil (ANCLIVEPA-BR)

Brazil | Full Member

President/WSAVA Representative: 

Marcelo Roza                                                                                    

Av Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1616-11o. Andar Conj. 1106, Ed. Barao de Agua Branca,
Jd Paulistano-Cep 01451-001
Sao Paulo-Sp, Brazil
Phone: +55(11) 3813-6568/3815-5520
Fax. +55(11) 3032-5379

Members: 600

ANCLIVEPA-BR Annual report to WSAVA 2016


List of Activities:

  • Congresso Brasileiro de ANCLIVEPA.
  • 8 regional meetings by regionals ANCLIVEPAs.


  • Congresso Brasileiro de ANCLIVEPA.
  • Continuous education program with 4 annual books.
  • Guidelines for dogs and cats vaccination.


ANCLIVEPA-BR Annual report to WSAVA 2015


List of Activities

The new board of the association has engaged in reorganizing the entity, renewing the legal documentation and strategic partnerships with sponsors and related entities. Now structured around a continuing education program through books and transmissions and is entitled to the concession of the internal medicine specialist title.


XXXVI Brazilian Congress of ANCLIVEPA

I South Brazilian Congress

X  Midwest Brazilian Congress


São Paulo Regional Congress of ANCLIVEPA