Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec (AMVQ)

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Dr Valérie Trudel, M.V.


WSAVA Representative:
Dr. Michel Pepin


Members: 850

199, boul. Sainte-Rose,
Laval, Quebec
Canada H7L 1L5

Tel. 450 963 1812
Fax. 450 963 1952

AMVQ Overview

In 1959, following the growing trend of the caring of small animals, the first official veterinary association in Quebec was started and named: L’Académie de médecine vétérinaire de Montréal. Very early on, the association recognized the importance of offering quality conferences to its members.

In the 70’s the association was recognized by the Provincial Order of Veterinarians and this was followed by a grouping of other veterinarian associations established throughout the province. In 1979 the name was changed to: L’Académie de médecine vétérinaire du Québec, to honor this transition.

The association had its first official head office and secretary in 1998. It is only in 2009 that the association was renamed: L’Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec en pratique des petits animaux. 


AMVQ Annual Member Report to WSAVA for 2015


Annual List of Acitivities

Every year, the AMVQ creates many diverse activities for its members and for the population in general, all in order to improve the standards in veterinary medicine and to promote the importance of the relationship between humans and their animals, and the place veterinarians have in this relationship.



The AMVQ organizes the largest convention in the small animal veterinary medicine field in Canada. With more than 900 participants, which includes over 300 AHT, we offer an important variety of scientific and management conferences and symposiums. The AMVQ convention is recognized for the variety of its scientific program and the many social activities.


Date : April 17-18 &-19 2015, Palais des congrès de Montréal

Subject : 26th annual convention

Speakers : 

Dre Kate Alexander, Dre Audrey Amoroso, Dr Jérôme Auger,


Dr Guy Beauregard, Dr Christian Bédard, Dre Marie-Claude Bélanger, 

Dr Pierre Clerfond, Dr Étienne Côté, Dr Marc-André d'Anjou, Dr Jérôme D'Astous, Dre Caroline de Jaham, Dre Isabelle Demontigny-Bédard, 

Dre Marion Desmarchelier, Dr Mouhamadou Diaw, Dre Marilyn Dunn, 

Dr Matthieu Gatineau, Dr Martin Godbout, Dre Stéphanie Keroack, Dr Jean-Jacques Kona-Boun, Dr Hugues Lacoste, Dre Catherine Lapointe, Dre Amélie Leclerc, Dr Jonathan Lichtenberger, Dr Mathieu Ouellet, Dre Dominique Paquette, Dre Chantale Pinard, Dr Jérôme Planté, Dr Alexandre Proulx,

Dre Lara Rose, Dre Annie Ross, Dre Valérie Sauvé, Dr Geoffrey Truchetti,

Dre Deborah S. Greco, Dre Lesley G. King, Dr Christopher L. Mariani, 

Dr Stanley L. Marks, Dre Lisa Radosta, Dr Anthony Yu, Dr Claude Béata, 

Dr Yannick Bongrand, Mme Nathalie Simars, M. Raymond-Louis Laquerre,

Mme Nathalie Grondin, M. Mario Loubier, Dr Jacques Dupuis, Dre Manon L'Écuyer, Dre Elizabeth O'Brien.



Four scientific and one management colloquium took place during the year, all organized by the AMVQ, each with an average of 250 participants. All our colloquiums are webcasted. The AMVQ was the first association in Quebec to introduce this technology, and with each activity, we push further the use of that technology.


Date: February 15, 2015

Subject: Heart and respiratory diseases/thorax imaging

Speakers: Dre Kate Alexander, Dre Marie-Claude Bélanger, Dre Marilyn Dunn


Date: September 20, 2015

Subject: Feline diseases

Speakers: Dr. Jérôme D’Astous, Dre Julie Gadbois, Dre Catherine Lapointe


Date: October 18, 2015

Subject: Sales

Speaker: Mr. Mario Loubier


Date: November 15, 2015

Subject: Dermatology

Speakers: Dr. Éric Guaguère, Dr. Manon Paradis



The AMVQ was a leader in 2015 and presented the first webtv series created by veterinarians for veterinarians. Filmed in a major tv station, with a well-known Quebec host to present the shows, guests were invited to debate over hot topics in the veterinary world.

The whole show was entirely created and produced by the AMVQ, and this first edition was a complete success. We plan on producing 4 new shows in 2016.

Dates : April 1 & 8 2015


Journée nationale de la stérilisation animale au Québec

On February 24, the AMVQ planned the 3rd edition of its “Journée nationale de la stérilisation animale au Québec”. Veterinarians all over Quebec took part of this event in their own way. For this event, the AMVQ conducted an important survey concerning the identification of cats in Quebec, a major press conference was led by our President to present the results. Journalists from all the major stations were there to witness the presentation of the results and the information was broadcasted to the population. It gave a great visibility to the cause and to the importance of sterilization.


Well-being program

Six years ago, the AMVQ was a leader by creating a program to help veterinarians who struggle with exhaustion. To this day, we still offer a free consultation with a psychiatrist specialized in the veterinary field. With over 75 consultations to date, which represents more than one a month, the AMVQ is proud to help with this problem in the profession. 



The AMVQ produces 5 editions of its magazine called “Le Rapporteur” and 8 editions of its e-magazine “Le fureteur” every year.


Panthéon Québécois des animaux

The AMVQ recognizes, every year, three animals who made a very special difference in their owners lives. This project shows the importance of the relationship between an animal and its owner, and values the role of the veterinarians to preserve the health of the animals.


Date : February 15, 2015


Activities in 2016

Date : February 21 2016, Centre de congrès Palace - Laval

Subject : Geriatric diseases

Speakers : Dr. Marc-André D’Anjou, Dr. Louis Huneault, Dr Hugues Lacoste, Dr. Catherine Lapointe


Date : February 21 to 28 2016

Subject : Semaine nationale de la stérilisation animale au Québec, 


Date : March 20 2016, Centre de congrès Palace - Laval

Subject : Chronic diseases

Speakers : Dr. Marie-Claude Bélanger, Dr. Manon L’Écuyer, Dr Lara Rose


Date : April  22-23-24 2016, Palais des congrès de Montréal

Subject : 27th annual convention

Speakers :

Dre Kate Alexander, Dre Audrey Amoroso, Dre Julie Beaubien, Dr Christian Bédard, Dr Rémi Froment ( CM-Coprologie), Dre Marie-Claude Bélanger,

Dre Marie-Claude Blais, Dr Marc-André d'Anjou, Dr Guy Beauregard, 

Dre Myriam De Carufel, Dr Joël Dehasse  (France), Dr Louis-Philippe de Lorimier, Dr Mouhamadou Diaw, Dre Marilyn Dunn, Dre Avril Hamel-Jolette,

Dr Louis Huneault, Dre Stéphanie Keroack, Dr Sébastien Kfoury, Dr Hugues Lacoste, Dre Catherine Lapointe, Dre Amélie Leclerc, Dre Mylène-Kim Leclerc, Dre Manon L'Écuyer, Dre Roseline Lorrain, Dre Élaine Madore, 

Dr Franck Ollivier, Dre Elizabeth O'Toole, Dre Nadia Pagé, Dr Jérôme Planté,

Dre Lara Rose, Dre Annie Ross, Dre Valérie Sauvé, Dr Geoffrey Truchetti,

Dre Cindy Charlier (USA), Dr Douglas Deboer (USA), Dr Mark E. Epstein (USA), 

Dre Debra Horwitz  (USA), Dr Jörg M. Steiner (USA), Dr Romain Pariaut (USA),

Dr Olivier Toulza  (France), M. François Charron, M. Christian Dumont, 

Mme Chantal Lacasse, M. Éric Pelletier, Mme Nathalie Simard, Dre Lara Rose, Dre Kelly St-Denis


Date : September 18th 2016, Hôtel Plaza - Québec

Subject : Urgent situations

Speakers : Dr. Marilyn Dunn, Dr. Mouhamadou Diaw, Dr. Geoffrey Truchetti


Date : October 16 2016

Subject : « Tous les vétérinaires en causent » filming

Speakers : To be determined


Date : November 13th 2016, Centre de congrès Palace - Laval

Subject : Dermatology

Speakers : Dr. Caroline de Jaham, Dr. Nadia Pagé, Dr Pascal Prélaud




Our last convention took place April 17, 18 & 19 2015, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Over 900 participants took part in this event. We presented the largest convention in the small animal field. Since the creation of a partnership between the AMVQ and the AFVAC, we created the first edition of the “Journée vétérinaire Franco-Québécoise”, which proved to be very successful.


Webtelevision “Tous les vétérinaires en causent”

On a Wednesday, in April, at 8 pm, the AMVQ was able to manage to have close to 400 veterinarians in front of their screen for the presentation of its first show. This well talk-about show changed the way veterinarians got their continuing education in Quebec.


Journée nationale de la stérilisation animale au Québec

In 2016, due to the success of this event, we will make it a week instead of a day. It is then going to be la “Semaine nationale de la stérilisation animale au Québec”.