Albanian Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons (AChVS)

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Klajdi Nallbani
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Dr. Ajkana Toni
Executive Director
Address: Rr. Ali Visha, Pallati 13, H.1 Ap.13, Tirana, Albania

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Brief history of AChVS
Albanian Veterinary Chamber is organized in 2006, based on previous Albanian Medical Veterinary Association. Our chamber is member (observer status) in Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and also member of World Veterinary Association. Actually, 450 members adhere our Chamber, mainly veterinary surgeons. The activity of Albanian Veterinary Chamber is based on the status approved by Albanian agriculture ministry with Order 461, on 03.10.2006, respecting the Law 9308 dated 04.11.2004 “ On the veterinary Service and Inspection” Act no. 20. Section of Small Animal is part of Albanian Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons. Actually in Albania there are 30 vet clinics specialized in small animals activity, where there are about 50 vets working there. There are also a certain number ( about 20) of other free professionals vets involved in the field of small animals, part time.
WSAVA in collaboration with Albanian Chamber has successfully organized in Tirana 4 seminars on Continued Education for small animal practitioners of the country (Dermatology-2007, Orthopaedics- 2008, Dog and Cat surgeries 2010 and is organizing on 19 November 2011 Internal Medicine)

The objective of Small Animal Medicine Section like a important part of Albanian Veterinary Chamber, is to promote and support an active improvement of Small Animal Medicine in Albania in close contact with the best experience of International Organisations like WSAVA, FECAVA etc.

1) Implementation of a continuing educational program for the best medical procedures in all cities where the veterinarian are interested in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery.
2) Starting an educational program on animal welfare and stray dog population management in collaboration with different municipalities and Ministry of Education.

 No annual report for 2013 submitted

AChVS annual report to WSAVA 2013 

During 2012 the Albanian Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons had planed some initiatives focused in two objectives. The firs one was the implementation of a continuing educational programe for the best medical procedures across the primary local areas of the country with the veterinarians interested in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. For the moment the CE meetings are still in the organization phase.  The program is being implemented with the help and financial support sponsored from the Albanian branches of international  veterinary drug companies (Pfizer, Intervet, Virbac etc) and with the collaboration from other veterinary organization with interest in small animal medicine. Because of some  problems with the new drug license that we have intention to introduce in the daily practice that are part of the agreement we are planning  to start only in the beginning of the 2013 some meetings with local and regional speakers (from Greece and Turkey).

The second objective was to start an educational program on animal welfare and stray dog population management in collaboration with different municipalities and Ministry of Education. The start of this program was made in the City of Durres. In collaboration of Durres Municipality and a NGO the animal protection “PAPA- People for Animal Protection Albania” and thanks to the great help offered from WVS-World Veterinary Service .was organized a Campaign for CCR of the stray dogs in Durres during the touristic season. During this campaign 20 veterinarian was trained from the WVS doctors  and one local surgeon Dr. Bledar Bejleri to perform the the different surgeries according to the best practice and ethical standards.
On 10 November 2012 WSAVA CE has organized the annual event in Tirana  in colaboration with our chamber, with professional presentation of Dr. Zoe Belshaw and Dr. Liz Mossop  from The University of Nottingham about "Veterinary communication and practice management" sponsored as usually from Bayer, Hill's, MSD Animal Health.

For the 2013 we have planed to continue the projects and to extend the contribution of the Albanian Veterinary Chamber in the benefit of the Albanian practicing veterinarian.


Ajkana Toni
Executive Director of Albanian Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons