WSAVA donates Aperio Scanning Machine to the WSAVA Tumor Classification Initiative

To facilitate the Renal Standardization Project, thanks to generous sponsorship from Bayer Animal Health and Hill's Pet Nutrition, we acquired an Apeiro digital scanner,  a piece of equipment which enables the scanning and storage of high quality digital histopathological images to facilitate global collaboration in their interpretation.  It was installed  at the Texas A+M University, USA, under the supervision of Professor George Lees and was instrumental to the Renal Standardization Group's work.  With the conclusion of the first stage of the project, we have now donated it to the  WSAVA Tumor Classification initiative.

 Under the oversight of Professor Matti Kiupel at Michigan State University, this WSAVA Tumor Classification Initiative brings together experts on neoplastic conditions of dogs and cats from around the world and aims to generate a tumor classification scheme similar to the WHO scheme in people but dedicated to companion animals.  The scanner has been installed at Michigan State University and will facilitate the development of the soon-to-be released WSAVA Tumor Classification Scheme a move which will ensure that the generosity of Bayer and Hill's will continue to benefit both he WSAVA and veterinarians globally for years to come.  We extend grateful thanks to both of them.

(left to right)  Dr Matti Kiupel,  Dr Rebecca Smedley, Classification Scheme Editors, and Thomas Wood, Histology Laboratory Supervisor

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