Wildfires in Portugal – can you help?

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APMVEAC launches urgent appeal

The Portuguese Small Animal Veterinarian Association (APMVEAC) has launched an appeal to help people and animals affected by terrible wildfires in the county in October. More than 45 people were killed and thousands of animals have died. In the region affected, many people depend on agriculture but 9,000 sheep have been killed and surviving farm animals have little food as pasture, hay and feed rooms have been destroyed.

APMVEAC Treasurer Emir Chaher says: “APMVEAC veterinarians are helping but it is difficult and distressing work. Many animals are suffering from terrible burns. The Government response has been slow so we have launched an urgent appeal to help people and the animals on which they depend. They badly need our support to help them overcome this devastating situation.”

If you would like to support APMVEAC’s appeal, you can donate using PayPal or a credit card.

Thank you very much for your kindness and support.

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