Webinar initiative trialled in Iran


Iranian veterinarians benefit from the first WSAVA CE webinar for the Iran Small Animal Veterinary Association (ISAVA).


Iranian veterinarians benefit from first WSAVA CE webinar program

The first WSAVA CE webinar for the Iran Small Animal Veterinary Association (ISAVA) took place successfully on 17 October with speaker Dr Kersti Seksel. A specialist in animal behaviour, she provided an overview of the diagnosis of behaviour problems in dogs and cats, including:

  •     Webinar presentation recognising normal vs abnormal behaviour
  •     understanding which medical problems may, in the first instance, present as behaviour problems
  •     the importance of early diagnosis, particularly in relation to anxiety disorders
  •     basic treatment protocols

Kersti graduated in Veterinary Science from Sydney University, Australia, and became interested in animal behaviour while working overseas. She is the principal of a specialist referral only practice for animal behaviour in Sydney, head of the behaviour department at the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre and sees clients all around Australia.

The system used to broadcast the webinar has been provided by the Royal Veterinary College's Continuing Professional Development team in London. Jodie Bell from its Electronic Media Department explains how the system works: "We use a system called 'Blackboard Collaborate' to deliver webinars online. It's a simple piece of software which is easy both for the speaker and participants to utilize. It offers a variety of ways to engage the listeners, as well as a variety of means of delivering content. Primarily this is done through a traditional Powerpoint presentation, which is converted into a webinar-friendly format prior to the session."

Jodie also assists with providing training in Collaborate, setting up the webinar room, ensuring the presentation materials are converted and ready for use in the room, providing access information for participants, providing a brief welcome and introduction to the room for the participants at the beginning of the webinar, remaining in the room for the duration of the session to provide technical support if required, and recording the session for others to view post-delivery. For webinar access participants will be sent one URL. When they click on it they will be prompted to enter their name on screen before being granted access to the session.

Dr Jill Maddison, Chair of the CE Committee, comments: "The webinar with ISAVA is just one of a number of new initiatives we're announcing this year to help us achieve our mission of bringing practical, relevant and inspiring CE to companion animal veterinarians who have previously had little access to training and development to international standards."

The webinar will soon be available on the new WSAVA website – look out for more details in the December e-bulletin.

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