Veterinarian Appointed to US National Academy of Medicine

Professor Sarah Cleaveland OBE, a member of the WSAVA One Health Committee and Professor of Comparative Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow, has been appointed to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the US.

The NAM aims to respond to world's most significant health-related challenges and to inform work in science, health and medicines. Its 1,826 members include individuals who are making an outstanding contribution to the field of health and science. Professor Cleaveland says: "This nomination reflects the work of a great many people and I have been fortunate to work with exceptional and talented colleagues in supported environments. I am particularly pleased at NAM's recognition of the contribution made by the veterinary profession in global health."

WSAVA OHC Chairman Professor Michael Day adds: "Our committee was delighted to hear of this prestigious honor, recognizing Sarah's tireless work for a scientific approach to the global elimination of canine rabies virus infection. Rabies elimination by the target year of 2030 must be the single most important and achievable One Health goal of our time." 

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