Test your Knowledge of Welfare with our New Resources!

Our Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee (AWWC) has launched two online modules offering a solid grounding in contemporary welfare issues.

The two one-hour modules are based on materials developed by our partner, World Animal Protection, and are designed for everyday use in practice. 

The first module addresses contemporary animal welfare science and ethics, together with understandings and definitions of animal welfare. The second has a clinical focus, covering aspects of animal welfare in practice, including behavioral and end of life issues. Both are available for free download.  (NB: registration for an account is free of charge. Users should create a new account if they do not already have a login).

Dr Shane Ryan, Co-Chair of the AWWC, explains: “Veterinarians need an in-depth understanding of contemporary animal welfare concepts in order to address questions from the public and misinformation by non-veterinary groups on animal welfare issues. We hope that our new online modules will support colleagues in this role, offering them the knowledge they need in a concise and easily accessible format.”

He adds: “We acknowledge the vital support of World Animal Protection and AWWC sponsor WALTHAM®, as well as the WSAVA’s Friends of Animal Welfare donors for their generous support. We are also grateful to Vetstream, our Global Educational Partner, for hosting the modules for us.


Please help the AWWC gather more data on welfare.

It is conducting an online survey to assess the status of companion animal welfare globally and will use the data in the development of a set of WSAVA Animal Welfare Guidelines for you to use in clinic in dealing with clients, the public and others.   Please help us by completing the questionnaire. It’s quick to do and responses are anonymous. Contact your veterinary association for the link or email wsavasecretariat@gmail.com. Your participation will help us to improve the welfare of companion animals everywhere. Thank you!

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