Suspect a Hereditary Disorder?  Use the WSAVA's Search Tool for DNA Testing!

Thanks to Dr Urs Giger and his team on the WSAVA Hereditary Disease Committee, our work in the area of DNA testing for hereditary diseases in dogs and cats worldwide has grown rapidly over the last year. We now have 53 labs - compared with 48 a year ago - and list 175 different mutations and diseases.

The WSAVA lab search tool has also been developed and is currently being updated by the Committee, which was in part supported by Waltham and Wisdom Panel®.  You can access the tool here   

A peer-reviewed publication by Slutsky and the members of the Committee describing the tool is available in the Veterinary Journal 197(2): 182–187, 2013


If you have a puppy or kitten of a particular breed and you suspect a hereditary disorder, do check this valuable web tool for available DNA tests and laboratories based on breed or disease!

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