A role for direct in-house CSF cytology?

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Diagnosing the cause of neurologic disease can be extremely difficult. Professor Nick Jeffery, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Small Animal Practice, our official scientific journal, highlights a paper describing a method for analyzing CSF that could be applied in primary care practice and presents questions for readers to consider.

An article by Newton et al in this month’s JSAP describes how CSF cytology could be analyzed in primary care practice. There are many questions about CSF analysis in practice, centering on safety and the use to which the analysis can be put. Readers may wish to consult the article and then consider:

  • Would CSF analysis be a useful technique to add to their own practice?
  • Is there someone who has the time and inclination to do the cell counts?
  • What are the risks in taking CSF from neurologically compromised animals?
  • How easy is it to interpret results of CSF analysis without seeing an MRI image of the CNS tissue?
  • How would the results of CSF cytology aid in treatment of the patient? Would it change how the animal is handled?


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