Renal Standardization Project Success

 Preliminary  observations included in a supplement issue devoted to canine glomerular diseases  in the Nov-Dec issue Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine

The WSAVA Renal  Standardization Project, which aimed to improve the diagnosis and clinical outcomes of dogs with glomerular disease, has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the first phase of its study.  The Project’s specific goals were to:

  • develop two Diagnostic Referral Pathology Centers, one in the USA and one in Europe

  • develop a prototype classification scheme for glomerular disease

  • evaluate the ability of a clinical-pathologic diagnosis to predict clinical outcomes and facilitate treatment

The Project team was led by Dr David Polzin from the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA and Dr Larry Cowgill from the School of Veterinary Medicine and the University of California Veterinary Medical Center, University of California Davis, USA.   It made significant progress in advancing the proposed infrastructure; in defining the discipline of nephropathology; in characterizing the pathologic expression of canine glomerular disease and in establishing a prototype classification system which will be subject to prospective validation. 

 A complete description of the prototypical pathologic classification scheme based on statistical assessment of intrinsic glomerular lesions using light, immunofluorescent, and electron microscopy is soon to be released while the clinical features of canine glomerular disease are currently under review and will complement the pathologic foundations.

 Dr Larry Cowgill commented:  "The Renal Standardization Project uniquely serves as proof-of-concept for visionary applications of distant technologies to facilitate the delivery of veterinary services and expertise to any location in world.

 "It  has proved the potential for international collaboration and worked at the frontiers of telehealth.  As a result of completion of this project, the image sharing system which has been critical to its success, has been donated by the WSAVA to Michigan State University for use in the newly approved WSAVA Tumor Classification Project under the direction of Dr Matti Kiupel."

 Members of the WSAVA Renal  Standardization Project wish to express their thanks to sponsors Hill's Pet Nutrition and Bayer Animal Health for their contribution to their work.


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Read full articles of the project’s work to improve the care of dogs with renal glomerular disease on the resource tab under this page! 

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