In practice in Latin America? Why not check out Vetebooks for a new CE 'experience?

Initiative aims to create a community of veterinary learning in Latin America

We're working with Martín Soberano, a veterinary oncologist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has launched a series of free digital books called 'Vetebooks'.  Recent editions featuring content from WSAVA World Congress in Bangkok and have proved very popular.  In fact, he recently translated the WSAVA Global Pain Council's Pain Management Guidelines into Spanish for a Vetebook and they became the most downloaded edition with 1,500 downloads in just one month!

In the run up to World Congress in Cartagena, we are working with him to produce digital books on the topics to be discussed there and we are also discussing additional ideas for collaboration.

Martín explains:  "Each Vetebook contains unique information, anecdotes from speakers, images and illustrations with content conveyed in a contemporary and easy to understand way.  We produce a Vetebook each month which is downloaded by simultaneously by thousands of veterinarians across Latin America, creating a community that reads and learns in the same virtual classroom and interacts using social networks.   It's a community that is growing very quickly and is already looking forward to WSAVA World Congress 2016!"

Dr Walt Ingwersen, President Elect of the WSAVA, says:  "We appreciate the support that Martín has given us by bringing our CE content to veterinarians across Latin America.  We are looking forward to collaborating with him on some exciting ideas to strengthen our global veterinary community on the continent in 2016 as we build up to World Congress in September."

Martin Soberano

Martin Soberano

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