One Care takes root in Latin America

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WSAVA Latam members discuss collaboration and mutual support

Our One Care initiative helps our member associations globally to set achievable standards for veterinary practice in their countries. Rather than seek to impose ‘top down’ common standards, it uses a participatory approach to enable members to set realistic goals for improvement based on their specific situation and the outcome they wish to achieve. It also helps them to develop a plan to deliver it.

A One Care session for our members in Latin America was led by Regional Member Advocate (RMA) Juanjo Krauss from 26-28 October. It was a dynamic and lively meeting, hosted by AMVEPPA, Peru in Lima with nine member associations represented. Topics discussed included:

  • The need to organize CE more effectively across the region

  • The need to better understand what individual members want from their WSAVA membership

  • Ways in which communication between associations and with individual veterinarians in the region could be improved.


Ellen van Nierop, WSAVA Executive Board member in Latin America, says: “The One Care session helped us to create a sense of community and friendship between our Latin American members and to build a better understanding of shared problems and likely solutions.

“It helped us to plant the seed of an active, unified and engaged group of member representatives which will collaborate much more closely going forward. Our Latin American members are determined to be proactive with their WSAVA membership and are ready to use all of the resources we can offer to the maximum benefit for each country, while working together for the benefit of all.”

“We thank everyone who took part so positively and, in particular, we thank RMA Juanjo Krauss for organizing the session so well. We are also very grateful for the support of Purina which sponsors One Care across the WSAVA.”

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