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The WSAVA Global Dental Guidelines are coming so brush up your dental knowledge!

Clinician’s Brief

Point/Counterpoint: Is Dental Cleaning Possible Without Anesthesia? Part 1 Brook A. Niemiec, DVM, DAVDC, FAVD, Stephanie Sur, DVM

Crown Lesions and Associated Treatments Carlos A. Rice, DVM, DAVDC


Rabbit dental disease and calcium metabolism – the science behind divided opinions


Increasing Periodontal IQ = Increasing Dental Profits

This lecture from AAHA Nashville 2017 emphasizes the importance of getting younger dogs in your dental operatory to anesthetize and treat them before disease occurs.

Controversial Topics in Veterinary Dentistry

This course from AAHA Nashville 2017 discusses dental conundrums that may often be considered controversial.

Vetstream’s Vetlexicon

Canis: Teeth tumor

Felis: Radiology: dental

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