A Message from the WSAVA President

March 2017 President’s message

Each year, the WSAVA Executive Board meets face-to-face twice – one of these occurs early in the year with the other coinciding with our annual Congress, generally held in the fall. These meetings take place over 3 days and are primarily focused on WSAVA strategic initiatives and direction, as we establish the roadmap for the next 2-3 years and beyond. While much of the discussion is focused on implementing the WSAVA 2014-2019 Strategic Plan, we also take this opportunity to brainstorm a variety of other issues that come to our attention – many of these stemming from your input as members during our various Members’ Forums. Aside from these two face-to-face meetings, the Executive Board also meets by teleconference monthly where the focus is generally more administrative as we tackle the substantial action list that our strategic meetings inevitably produce. I am very proud to be a member of your Executive Board, as they are a dynamic and passionate group, who are fully committed to the WSAVA and our global veterinary community with most devoting well over 10 hours a week on WSAVA-related business.

We just had our recent face-to-face meeting at the beginning of March in Singapore, which also gave us the opportunity to meet with the 2018 World Congress Local Host Committee and host the inaugural Asian Members’ Forum. Some of the issues we explored during our time together included prioritizing and implementing the remaining initiatives from our Strategic Plan, Executive Board succession planning, re-assessing our Awards structure, website enhancements to facilitate an online WSAVA global veterinary community, and addressing the issues raised during our Member’s Forums. These forums are held as for all of our attending member representatives as part of our Assembly Day during the WSAVA Congress (the most recent being in Cartagena, Colombia) as well as regionally at select meetings that many of our members are likely to attend. To date, we have hosted these regional meetings in Europe, North America, and most recently, in Asia, where we saw over half of our member associations from the region represented. Despite the varied attendance, the outcomes are remarkably similar with respect to issues of common concern regardless where one practices in the world. When prioritized, they include access to veterinary therapeutics, mental/personal wellness, access to relevant continuing education, and developing standards of care. The Executive Board and the WSAVA committees are fully engaged in addressing these common issues and updates are/will be provided via the WSAVA e-Bulletin and website.

Let me reiterate my comments from an earlier President’s Message – “let’s talk” and reinforce the opportunity you all have as members of the WSAVA Community to host your own personal member’s forum by simply reaching out and contacting anyone on the leadership team, your Regional Member Ambassador, or committee chairs with your thoughts, suggestions, and/or concerns – this is your association and your input is both relevant and valuable.


Walt Ingwersen DVM, DVSc, DACVIM

WSAVA President


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